Faculty Success Story

Amy Widger, Instructor, ESL/ENL

At the beginning of a term or when transitioning from one level to another, ENL students often feel lost and confused about how to approach college. New students to college are often unfamiliar with the concept of office hours and are uncomfortable asking for one-to-one help from their instructors. But, English language learners need individualized, personal attention from their instructors during office hours and also from the writing tutors and learning specialists available at the Learning Success center! So, I encourage all of my students in the ENL program to go to the Learning Success Center where a writing tutor will reinforce what they have been learning in class, and learning specialists can help them with strategies for college success.

ENL students get help from writing tutors with their reading, grammar, and writing skills. Many of our students have had a lack of educational opportunity and come from families with limited literacy, so especially need help with writing. Oftentimes students can speak fluently, but their writing may be weak. Getting help with writing from a tutor or learning specialist is a wonderful resource for those students so desperate to have their writing skills catch up to their oral skills, which they know is the key to their academic success.

The Learning Success Center helps students socially, as well as academically. Many times I have seen new students wandering around alone and they seem isolated. As they get to know the tutors and other students there, it helps them feel a sense of belonging. They feel supported and begin to realize that they have a right to support and help as they learn how to succeed in an academic setting. Because of a lack of familiarity with the American education system and differences in culture, many students are uncomfortable asking for help when they need it.

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