Learning Styles in the Classroom

Online learning styles inventories can be a fun and quick way to encourage your students to focus on study skills and success strategies for your classroom. Most students enjoy these little self-assessments, and it can give you useful information about the ways your students learn best.

It should be noted that most of these inventories are not validated instruments; therefore, all inventory results should be taken with a grain of salt. You and your students can accept or toss out the information as you please. Either way, it gives you an opportunity to consider and discuss the learning process and how it can be maximized.

If you are interested in a research-based, validated instrument, the Kolb Learning Style Inventory is widely used.

Try the following learning styles inventories linked below. If you come across others you like, please send them to us at juenemas@mhcc.edu and we will post them on our site.




For a more in-depth discussion of learning styles and instructional strategies, follow this link:


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