Learning Success Center Computer Skills Lab

Guidelines and Procedures - Room 3333

The purpose of the computer lab is to provide equipment and facilities in which MHCC students and faculty can develop computer skills, utilize software/computers for classroom learning, and complete classroom assignments required for courses offered at MHCC.

The following rules were designed to enhance the learning environment and to ensure the availability and protection of the computer equipment.


  1. WARNING!! Computer hardware and software usage is limited to authorized class related research and assignments only. Unauthorized, inappropriate, or personal use may result in loss of lab privileges. This includes e-mail, chat rooms, and other Internet areas. There is no privacy – your lab activity can and will be monitored locally or remotely.
  2. All students upon each entry and exit from the computer lab must sign in and out. (Unless you are coming with a class during a reserved block of time).
  3. Any student wishing to use lab software must check it out through a Lab Monitor. When you are finished, return the software to the Lab Monitor. The lab monitor will then sign the software back in. At the end of each day, anyone who has used lab software and has not had their name signed off by a Lab Monitor will be held responsible for that software.
  4. Please be responsible in your use of the equipment at all times (no pounding or physical abuse).
  5. The internal workings of all computer equipment are off limits. If questions arise regarding hardware, please consult a Lab Monitor or your instructor.
  6. Copying of software purchased by MHCC is prohibited.
  7. Personal software is not allowed in the computer lab. Only MHCC owned, or class assigned.
  8. NO food, drink, smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, cell phones, pagers, or children (Board Policy) allowed.
  9. Please take responsibility for checking the lab’s posted schedule for changes in room.
  10. In case of fire, leave the lab immediately. Do not attempt to disconnect electrical equipment or help fight the fire.
  11. Any unauthorized use of passwords, software or records, as well as any violation of the confidentiality or security of passwords, software or file data, will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.
  12. To ensure the labs are used only by MHCC students, you may be asked to verify that you are a student. Please cooperate with the lab monitor or other personnel if you’re asked to show your student ID.
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