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Federal law requires MHCC to provide students with information about how they can obtain information about registered sex offenders in the state and local community. The Oregon State Police Department is responsible for maintaining registration data for sex offenders. Information to assist you in contacting the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit is provided below.

To Obtain Sex Offender Info. Oregon Sex Offender web site: or contact Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit - Sex Offender Information Line: 503-378-3720, extension 4429. (Leave your name, phone number, address and area(s) - such as zip code(s) - from which you wish to have a list of registered sex offenders. A list will be mailed in approximately one week. An additional source for sex offender information can be located on the National Sex Offender web site
Multnomah County Contact Person: Nancy Laundry, Administrative Specialist - State Police
503-378-3720, ext. 4417
State Contact Person: Dan Malin, Manager, Sex Offender Registration Unit - State Police
503-378-3720, ext. 4425
Offenders Required to Register: Anyone convicted of a sexual crime. Statute is retroactive from 1989.
Information Collected: Name, address, physical description, photograph, fingerprints, DNA, vehicle type, driver's license # and SSN. Location and phone number of employment and whether or not the offender has completed treatment.
Administrating Agency: State Police.
Timeframe for Registration: Within 10 days of release on supervision; 10 days of changing address, 10 days of moving into Oregon.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes, if convicted or required to register in another state.
Duration of Requirement: Life; may petition for waiver after 10 years if they have been convicted of one C Felony or less.
Verification of Address: County wide sex offender sweeps.
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Class C felony if they fail to do initial registration. Failure to annually register is an A misdemeanor. Failure to register change of address is an misdemeanor or C felony depending on conviction.
Access to Information: Community members can contact local law enforcement agencies and request information on registered offenders either individually or lists of offenders by zip code. For individuals designated as sexual predators notifications have included television and radio announcements, community meetings, newspaper articles, door-to-door flyers, and posting of the offender's residence. Method dependent upon geographic location and population density. Notice may include: name, address, physical description, type of vehicle driven, any conditions of probation, parole or conditions of release, description of primary and secondary targets and method of offense, current photograph, and probation or parole officer's name or phone number.
Confidentiality Provision: No
Number Registered: 12,137 as of 7/29/02
Percent Compliance: 85.2%
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