Student's Rights & Responsibilities

It is the policy at Mt. Hood Community College that all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual identity, age, sex, or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law have access to higher education. Mt. Hood Community College strives to provide an environment that celebrates the freedom to learn. In this commitment to create a learning environment, MHCC's goal is to treat all students with fairness and dignity. Students are guaranteed certain rights as members of the College community. Students' rights and responsibilities are defined through College policy and regulation.

Students at Mt. Hood Community College are afforded the following RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS:

  1. Freedom of expression is guaranteed at MHCC within a context, which recognizes other basic rights of the individual students, including the right to pursue one's education without disruption.
  2. Protection against improper academic evaluation.
  3. Confidentiality of student records:
    1. Release of any information in regard to students shall be in compliance with federal and state law.
    2. MHCC shall designate the following as directory information which may be released upon verbal request to anyone without the student's authorization:
      1. Student's name;
      2. Student’s ID number;
      3. Full or part-time status;
      4. Degree(s) earned;
      5. Participation in recognized athletic team(s);
      6. Weight and height of athletes participating on recognized athletic team.
    3. Students have the right to file an exemption form in the Admissions and Records Office whereby no directory information will be released without the student's authorization.
  4. Freedom of association.
  5. Freedom of inquiry and expression in student organizations.
  6. Freedom of responsible expression in student publications within the code of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association.
  7. Guarantee of due process in disciplinary proceedings.

Students are also free to attend, or not attend, MHCC. Upon entering the College a student voluntarily assumes responsibilities of performance and behavior reasonably set by the College in order to accomplish its educational mission. Students at the College carry the following responsibilities:

  1. Students shall be responsible in the exercise of their rights of expression.
  2. Compliance with and support of duly constituted civil authority.
  3. Respect for the rights of others and cooperation to ensure that such rights are guaranteed.
  4. Cooperation to ensure that the will of the majority is implemented after due consideration has been give to contrary points of view.
  5. The exercise of dissent in a responsible manner and within a framework compatible with the orderly resolution of differences.
  6. Compliance with Board policies and College regulations.
  7. Utilizing established College procedures to influence change or challenge Board policies and College regulations.


Demonstrations are a legitimate mode of expression, whether politically motivated or directed against the College administration, and will not be prohibited. Demonstrators, however, have no right to deprive others of the opportunity to speak or be heard, take hostages, physically obstruct the movement of others, or otherwise substantially disrupt educational or institutional processes in a way that interferes with the safety or freedom of others.

Off-Campus Freedom of Students

As citizens, students shall enjoy the same rights of citizenship (freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and right of petition) that other citizens enjoy. Faculty members and administrative officials shall ensure that institutional powers are not employed to inhibit such intellectual and personal development of students nor to duplicate the function of civil authorities.


In order for Mt. Hood Community College to function as an institution of higher learning, it must be protected from disruption. For that reason, students may be subject to disciplinary action when their acts or actions cause a substantial disruption or material interference with normal College activities.

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