Transitions Program Overview

What is the Transitions Program?

Transitions is a career planning and college preparation program for single parents, displaced homemakers or women who speak English as a second language. The program helps students develop a career goal, get to know the college and all its resources, make friends, and develop time management and study skills. Students also learn how to apply for scholarships and to develop life-long career development skills.

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What services does the Transitions Program offer?

Transitions includes 3 classes: Life and Career Planning, Transition to College, and Life Transitions. Classes include 7 college credits, 6 of which are transferable elective credits. Other services include support groups, mentoring, counseling, resource referrals, and help getting scholarships. Financial assistance may also be available for school-related expenses, depending on fund availability. Program completers who are ineligible for health insurance may qualify for free Kaiser health insurance coverage. The program also offers leadership opportunities, including work and volunteer jobs that help student develop communication and leadership skills.

Can you help me find a better job?

Transitions does not focus on job-search skills. Instead, the program helps you set career goals and prepare for school. Transitions can help you make a plan for short-term training, however, that could lead to a job quickly.

What is covered in the Transitions classes?

The Transitions classes cover many topics that are designed to help students develop a career goal, prepare for college, and develop self-esteem and good study skills.

  • HD 90, Transition to College, is a “nuts and bolts” class that helps students develop good time management skills and introduces students to basic college information on financial aid, college services, college layout, and how to pick instructors and classes. The class includes a one-hour discussion group where students can share and receive support on their life transitions.

  • HD 202, Life Transitions, covers topics related to making life transitions, including self-esteem, communication, relationships, support systems, teamwork, and self care. The class helps students deal with the personal and psychological issues that come up for parents and homemakers who are returning to school.

  • HD 208, Life and Career Planning, is a career planning class that teaches students how to research and develop career and academic plans, and assists students in developing a 5 year plan and career portfolio. The class can be helpful both for students who have a career goal and those who don’t. A career goal can be researched, confirmed, or changed, and students with many options can learn to narrow focus and make choices.

How long does the program last?

Transitions is a one-term (three month) program offered during fall, winter and spring terms. Programs may be offered in the summer as well. Additional follow up help is available for as long as needed.

Who is eligible for Transitions?

The program is for single parents, displaced homemaker and women who speak English as a second language. A displaced homemaker is someone who has spent most of their adult life focusing on homemaking and parenting and lacks significant job experience.

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How do I decide if Transitions is right for me?

Come to a two hour information session to find out more. Call the Transitions office for the next available session. Pre-registration is not required. You can also review the sheet “Is Transitions right for me?”

Do you have academic requirements for admission?

Yes. Applicants must take the college placement test and and placed at or above WR 115 and RD 115. Applicants who score lower must earn at least a C grade in Wr 90 and/or Rd 90 and be ready to take the higher classes. You are welcome to apply for Transitions admission as soon as you qualify. As information sessions, you will receive information on how to apply for financial aid, register for the classes you need to take, and complete these classes on your own before applying to Transitions.

How do you apply to Transitions?

Please click on this link to learn about the application process

What are the hours and dates of Transitions Program Classes?

Classes are usually scheduled on Wednesdays (3 hours), Thursday (2 hours) and Fridays (3 hours). Most sessions are from 10-1 or 11-1. Check the next term’s college term schedule for current information on class times and dates.

Do you have a summer program?

Sometimes Transitions offers a summer program. Please call the office at 503-491-7680 to determine whether a summer program will be offered this year.

What are the benefits of participating?

Transitions helps students develop self-confidence, goals, friendships, support systems, knowledge of the college, and improved study skills. Most students report that they feel better about themselves and do better in school after they finish Transitions. They are able to locate funds, including scholarships, for school. Many Transitions students go on to obtain associates, bachelors and even masters degrees. They also say that they become better role models for their children and develop healthier relationships too.

What happens after Transitions?

After Transitions, the program provides follow up support as students take other college classes. These include a College Success class and other services to help you succeed. Students are also referred to other college services, such as Disability Services, TRIO (The Student Support Services program), tutoring, and other services. After Transitions students may also seek work and volunteer opportunities in Transitions or other campus programs to help them develop job and leadership skills.

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