Section 2 - MHCC Scholarships

The college Foundation raises money for scholarships which are available for application fall, winter and spring terms. You only need to fill out one application to apply for as many scholarships as you choose. Applications are typically due the 7th week of the term. The Financial Aid office handles the processing of scholarship applications. Contact them for application forms and due dates.

The Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships. Some are for any MHCC student, but many are for specific categories, including Transitions students, students with disabilities, adult students returning to school, and students in specific programs of study. Some are intended for new students while others are for students who have been attending for a while. Read each list of scholarship criteria carefully to determine whether you are eligible to apply.

Here is a SAMPLE list of scholarships available at different times for which you may be eligible. These are scholarships that are often won by Transitions/Transiciones students and other returning adult students. Again, check each term at the financial aid office to determine which scholarships are available during that particular term.

Women in Transition

These scholarships vary from year to year, depending on donations. In the past, the following scholarships have been available for Transitions/Transiciones students:

  • Connections Community, Inc.
  • Wintz Family Foundation
  • Soroptimist of East Portland
  • Evelyn Humphreys Scholarship
  • Transitions/Transiciones scholarships (funded by multiple donors)

Students with Volunteer or Leadership Experience

  • Glen Otto Community Service Award
  • Betty and Polly Schedeen Leadership Award

Other Categories

  • GED graduate scholarships
  • ESL scholarships
  • Child Care Scholarships

Recognition Award

These scholarships are provided by the college, not the Foundation, but you use the same application form to apply. All Transitions/Transiciones students are eligible to apply as a “continuing student.” There are several categories. We recommend that you apply as a continuing student or if you have a disability, as a student with disability.

  • Continuing student (any student who is enrolled at MHCC and plans to continue)
  • Student with disability (you must have a diagnosed disability and be registered with the college Disability

Services Office; we recommend you apply in this category if you can as there are often fewer applicants.)

  • Division awards are recognition awards that academic departments choose to offer, such as Mental Health or Graphics or Journalism. Not all departments have them. If you know what program you plan to enter, or have already entered one, ask the department staff about these awards. The departments set up their own criteria for application.

Talent Grants

Talent Grants are not scholarships, but they do provide payment of all of part of your tuition and fees in exchange for certain volunteer jobs the college. These include the student recruitment team, student government officer positions, and other student government positions. These positions provide an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and work skills. These are typically available for application during spring term, when student leaders are being selected for the next year. Check at the College Center information desk for details.

Women with a book

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