Mental Health & College Success

A Guide For Returning
Women Students


This brochure is a reference guide to some of the mental health issues that can affect women returning to school. Sometimes it isn't easy to understand these issues or ask for help. The purpose of this brochure is to give you information and to know where to go for the resources you need.



Section 1

  Mental Health
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Domestic Violence

Section 2

  Tips on Choosing a Therapist

Section 3


Section 4

  Alcohol & Drug Use

Section 5

  Support and Self-Help Groups

Section 6

  Mental Health and Self-Care

Section 7

  Paying for Mental Health Care

Section 8

  Low Cost Mental Health Services

Emergency Numbers

Note: The resources listed at the end of this guide are current as of Sept. 2002. After that date, please contact each resource for current services. This Guide is not intended to diagnose or help you diagnose mental illness. Please see your doctor if you are concerned about your mental health.
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