Program Highlights

Sustainability, Health and Safety involves three disciplines which often overlap or require close coordination. The environmental technician or manager works with compliance issues and the control of pollution that can create an adverse impact on waterways, air and ground water. The plant safety officer deals with employee safety and health, and is concerned with providing a healthy environment in which to work. The hazardous materials manager provides insight on proper handling and transport of materials that are considered toxic or dangerous.

Is Sustainability, Health and Safety For Me?

A career in Sustainability, Health and Safety may be for you if you have environmental and industrial interest, enjoy scientific and biological studies, are fascinated by manufacturing processes, have good communication and record- keeping skills, and have the ability to complete detailed tasks.

What Does the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program Offer?

The first year of MHCC's two-year program concentrates on building an academic foundation in the areas of mathematics, chemistry, physics, technical report writing and communication skills. The second year emphasizes specialty courses required of industrial and governmental personnel in the areas of environmental compliance and control, worker safety and proper handling and management of potentially hazardous or dangerous materials. You will learn to conduct field tests, develop plans, analyze and compare alternatives, and evaluate compliance with regulations.

Environmental courses include the topics of field sampling and analysis, compliance with regulations and laws, and an introduction to environmental engineering. Classes in occupational safety include the fundamentals of industrial hygiene, health effects of hazardous materials, and planning for hazardous incidents. Additional hazardous materials courses include chemistry of hazardous materials, governmental rules and regulations, investigations and environmental cleanup, and toxic source reduction and waste minimization.

In addition to classroom instruction, Cooperative Education Internship opportunities are available to give you on-the-job experience while earning college credits.

What are My Options in Sustainability, Health and Safety?

A two-year transfer degree program provides you with the necessary scientific and technical background transferable to a Bachelor's Degree program which prepares you for professional careers in the SHS field as managers, consultants, and administrators.

A two-year associate's degree program provides you with the necessary scientific and technical background for either an entry-level or mid-management position in the SHS field.

A one-year certificate program provides you with a clear understanding of regulations, planning and testing. It is ideally suited for those who already have a strong background in math and science.

Evening and individual Courses can fulfill professional growth requirements which can be applied to the previously described degree or certificate.

What Does the Future Hold for SHS Professionals?

Pollution abatement, safety in the workplace and proper management and disposal of hazardous materials is one of the most significant problems facing our nation. There is expected to be an increasing demand in the 21st century for both technicians and managers with practical training experience.

SHS Careers

A wide variety of employers hire environmental science and safety technicians and managers. These include environmental engineering firms; industries; waste disposal or management companies; county, state and federal agencies; analytical laboratories; and private trainers or service providers.

What's New in Sustainability, Health and Safety?

Find out the latest news about the SHS Program: course requirements, seminars, next term classes, etc.

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