Sustainability, Health and Safety

  • CH170 Environmental Chemistry
  • ESR231 Energy Management I
  • ESR232 Energy Management II
  • ESR 271 Environmental Science II: Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • ESR 281 Elements of Industrial Hygiene
  • ESR 285 Safety and Health Standards and Laws
  • SHS100 Intro to Environmental Science and Safety
  • SHS101 Environmental Regulation I: Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • SHS143 Environmental Science Lab I: EPA Methodology and Sampling Laborator
  • SHS171 Environmental Science I: Characterization of Hazardous Materials
  • SHS201 Environmental Regulation II: Compliance with Environmental Law
  • SHS221 Environmental Safety I: Emergency Response Planning
  • SHS222 Environmental Safety II: Environmental Auditing
  • SHS225 Human and Environmental Toxicology
  • SHS230 Pollution Prevention (P2)
  • SHS243 Environmental Science Lab II: Introduction to Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • WE280EV Cooperative Education Internship
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