Sustainability, Health and Safety (SHS) Program
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to take any courses or have previous college coursework before I start the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program at Mt. Hood Community College?
    There are no requirements for taking any courses before starting classes in the Sustainability, Health & Safety Program, though it is highly recommended that all students read the course descriptions in the back of the Mt. Hood Community College Catalog to find any pre-requisites for classes.
  1. How long do the Sustainability, Health and Safety programs take to complete?
    Most students complete the requirements for an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in 2 years. Some students who have already completed the General Education Requirements either at Mt. Hood Community College or somewhere else may graduate in 1 year. The typical length for the Certificate Program is between 9-12 months.
  1. How much does the program cost?
    To figure the total cost of a program, multiply the number of credits you would need to complete the program by the amount of tuition. Feel free to check the college catalog or current term schedules for tuition costs and lab fees. As of summer 2013, the tuition is $97.25 per credit hour.
  1. Is financial aid available?
    Financial aid is available to all students who qualify. Please contact the Financial Aid Office staff at (503) 491-7262 for details on how you can obtain financial aid.
  1. What job opportunities might be available after graduation?
    The graduates of the program are in demand by every sector of the society because all of the businesses have to comply with the requirements of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). Therefore the jobs within this field are not limited to city, county, state and federal agencies.
  1. Is the Sustainability, Health & Safety Program limited entry?
    NO. Any student who qualifies as a Mt. Hood Community College student may qualify to enter the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program and you may start at any time.
  1. Will I receive a degree upon completion of the program?
    An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) will be granted for the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program. A one-year Certificate is also available to students enrolled in the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program.
  1. When can I begin the program?
    You may begin the program any term you choose. If you have general or specific questions about the Sustainability, Health and Safety Program or would like to make an appointment please call Dr. Mohtasham at (503) 491-7440 or e-mail: mohtashj@mhcc.edu.
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