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Theatre Arts - Technician

Catalog Year 2014-2015

MHCC Faculty Adviser
Daryl Harrison Carson: 503-491-7159 Room AC 2129

The Theatre Arts Technician-Designer curriculum is geared to students who wish to specialize in the planning, design and execution of theatrical scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup and stage management.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Present a completed production design, demonstrating process from script analysis, concept development to final presentation
  • Safely rig, operate and maintain scenery and equipment for a theatrical fly system
  • Read and execute technical drawings for scenery and lighting
  • Create a résumé and support materials (portfolio) suitable for an interview in professional or educational theatre

The following a plan of classes is a general guide to prepare students to pursue an MHCC General Studies degree (see page 16 of the printed catalog). The curriculum includes coursework in theatre, related electives and general studies to total 90 hours; other related courses may be substituted. Students who pursue the General Studies degree should work closely with the theatre faculty to select courses and to ensure that they meet their career and educational goals.

This theatre arts plan is not intended to be wholly transferable to a four-year college, although individual classes are transferable. Students who intend to transfer to a four-year university to seek a degree in the arts should see the Theatre Arts Production – Designer curriculum on this page or choose an alternative college transfer plan.

Students receiving financial aid must be seeking a certificate or degree, and following official MHCC certificate or degree requirements.

Note: Community colleges do not award General Studies degrees in a subject area.

Forecast: Sequence of offerings may be altered in a given year.

First Quarter Cr
TA111 Technical Theatre: Scenery and Rigging 3
TA114A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: First Year1 1-3
WR121 English Composition 4
  Elective1, 4 3
  Social Science requirement1, ‡ 3-4
Second Quarter
TA112 Technical Theatre: Lighting and Sound 3
TA114A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: First Year1 1-3
MTH065 Beginning Algebra II (or higher)3 4
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking 4
  Social Science requirement1, ‡ 3-4
Third Quarter
TA113 Technical Theatre: Painting and Props 3
TA114A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: First Year1 1-3
TA121 Costuming or
TA211 Scene Design
  Human Relations Requirement1 3-4
  Physical Education requirement2 1
  Social Science requirement1 3-4
Fourth Quarter
TA106 Theatre History: Origins to the Renaissance 3
TA214A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: Second Year1 1-3
TA227 Theatrical Makeup 3
HE252 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies2 3
  Science/Mathematics/Computer Science requirement1 3
Fifth Quarter
TA107 Theatre History: Restoration to Contemporary 3
TA213 Stage Lighting Design 3
TA214A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: Second Year1 1-3
  Science/Mathematics/Computer Science requirement1 3
  Elective1, 4 3
Sixth Quarter
TA101 Appreciating Theatre 3
TA121 Costuming or
TA211 Scene Design
TA214A/B/C Technical Theatre Workshop: Second Year1 1-3
  Humanities requirements‡ 3
  Social Science requirement‡1, 5 (3-4)
  Science/Mathematics/Computer Science requirement1 3

1 Students must make their selections to ensure a minimum of 90 credits and a maximum of 108 credits for this curriculum.
2 Students who complete HE252 Standard First Aid or HE250 Personal Health are required to complete at least one additional credit of PE activity to satisfy the Health and Physical Education requirement for the Associate of General Studies degree (AGS.)
3 Students may not use demonstrated proficiency on the College Placement Test (CPT) to satisfy this requirement.
4 Select from the following list.
5 12 social science credits are required for the AGS degree. If previous selected social science courses are all four credit courses, this selection is not needed.

‡ See Associate of General Studies degree, page 16 of the printed catalog.

Suggested Related Electives
ART115 Basic Design 1: Two-dimensional
ART116 Basic Design 2: Color Theory
ART117 Basic Design 3: Three-dimensional
ART281 Painting I
ART291 Sculpture I
ENG105 Introduction to Literature: Drama
ENG201 Shakespeare: The Early Plays
ENG202 Shakespeare: The Later Plays
ESR285 Safety and Health Standards and Laws
ET231 Basic Strengths of Materials
FA257 Films and Society
FA258 Understanding the Film
FA266 The Great Film Directors
TA141 Acting Fundamentals I
TA144 Improvisation
TA153A/B/C Theatre Workshops: First Year
TA153D Theatre Workshop: Children’s Workshop First Year
TA198A/B/C Independent Studies: Theatre
TA199A/B/C Special Studies in Theatre (up to nine credits maximum)
WLD116 General Welding I

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