• Getting Started in Visual Arts

  • The MHCC visual arts curriculum offers a vibrant, creative and rigorous environment that provides students with firm foundations in design, drawing, art history and studio arts while preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions as music majors or minors. The faculty is dedicated to providing students with a highly personalized and comprehensive education. We welcome all students regardless of their experience and skill level. Anyone interested in transferring to a four year college as an art major, should contact one of the faculty advisers soon after fall term begins.

    Follow this 3-step process to register

    1. Submit your MHCC Admission Form: New students and those returning after having been away for four terms or more will need to submit an MHCC Student Admission Form, available online here: my.mhcc.edu/ICS/Admissions/.

    2. Log on to MyMHCC portal: You will receive an acceptance letter that lists your MHCC student identification (ID) number. This is your student user name. Log on the MyMHCC, using your ID user name and your six-digit birth date as your password. After you log on the first time, you will need to create your own password.

      If you are a new, degree-seeking student or applying for Financial Aid, you may need to take the College Placement Test (CPT). There is no charge. The test is administered by computer, and takes about an hour. To find out if you are required to take the CPT. Please visit www.mhcc.edu/TestingServices for “Frequently Asked Questions”, or contact Testing Services at 503-491-7678.

    3. Select your classes and register! Once you have your ID, password and if necessary, completion of the CPT placement, you can register for your classes. If you are a new student and interested in pursuing a degree with a music emphasis, we strongly urge you to make an appointment with one of our faculty once the term begins to help you with an overall plan. The plan below is a recommendation for completing your first year toward an Associate of Science Degree (AS) with an arts emphasis:

      First Quarter (Fall)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ART115 Basic Design I: Two-Dimensional1 4
      ART204 History of Western Art: Prehistoric - Byzantine1 4
      ART231 Drawing I1 4
      WR121 English Composition 4

      Second Quarter (Winter)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ART116 Basic Design II: Color Theory1 or ART117 Basic Design III: Three-Dimensional1 4
      ART205 History of Western Art: Medieval - Renaissance1 4
      Studio Course: 2-D or 3-D 4
      WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking 4
      Third Quarter (Spring)
      Course Number Course Title Credits
      ART206 History of Western Art: Baroque - Modern1 4
      Studio Course: 2-D or 3-D 4
      Oral Communication2 3-4
      Social Science requirement2 3-4

    If you need in-person assistance with registration during the summer, please visit the Orientation Center in room AC1002 on the Gresham Campus. If you need your student ID number, please call the Admissions and Records office at 503-491-7393.

    Still have questions about the Visual Arts program?

    See VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM section and read through the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact one of the Arts Faculty via Email. We are happy to meet with prospective students throughout the academic year during our office hours.

    Please note: Faculty are on summer break from June 13 through September 16, 2015. Please use Email to contact us over the summer.