Apprenticeship Programs

  • Build your future with a rewarding career in an Apprenticeship trade. Apprenticeship Programs offered at MHCC are an entryway into high-paying careers in the construction, building, mechanical, technical, and utility trades.

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    Dawn Loomis 
    Training Coordinator

    Jean Erickson-Clark
    Apprenticeship Assistant

  • Brick Masons

    This program includes apprenticeships for Marble setters, Terrazzo workers, Tile setters and Finishers.

    Cement Masons

    Job skills include finishing, repairing and pouring concrete, including slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs and gutters, sidewalks and paving.

    Central Electrical Training Center

    This program is designed to facilitate training in all aspects of the electrical construction industry including Limited Energy and Residential.

    Glass Workers

    Glaziers and Architectural Metal and Glass Workers are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing, replacing, and removing all types of glass.

    Heat & Frost Insulators

    Heat & Frost Insulators apply thermal insulation and its protective finishes to a wide variety of mechanical systems in a construction environment.

    Ironworkers Apprenticeship

    Ironworkers erect the structural framework for high rise buildings, bridges, power plants and towers as well as reinforcing steel in concrete forms for roadways, foundations and structures.

    Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute

    Carpenters--the largest single group of skilled workers in the country--build a variety of structure including hospitals, prisons, churches, bridges, tunnels and highways.


    Plasterers finish interior walls and ceilings, apply cement or plaster on masonry, metal and wire lath or gypsum.

    Sheet Metal Institute

    Includes fabrication and installation using a variety of machines, computers and equipment.