Exit 17 - Sixth Edition


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Writing 115
Khaemmeraa Mam

 Safe    1

On those nights when my father supposedly had to work late, my mom would let me stay up waiting for him. And I did, I waited for him that rainy night. I sat in bed with my mom watching 20/20, and she was peeling a ripe, sun-kissed mango for me. I hated watching that show, but it was a bonding experience between my mother and I. 

Catherine MacNab 

 Grandpa Taylor      5

I would have slept until nightfall, except for the rumbling of the tractor engine coming to life. Reluctantly, I rose from bed. Rubbing my eyes in disbelief I saw Grandpa gearing up to head back out to the fields. He was chugging around the driveway when I caught up with him, sock footed, with my gloves and shoes in hand. He stopped and nodded to me as I boarded the trailer for the trip back out. 

Vadim Drevenchuk 

 Help from All Over     9

At first, things were difficult to face in my classes without any ESL or tutoring help, but then I slowly started to move ahead in my English. In Frederick Douglass’s essay “How I Learned to Read and Write,” he explains what he had to go through and the challenges he had to face just to learn to read and write. For me, school in America was challenging too, and like Douglass, “After a long, tedious effort for years, I finally [graduated from high school]” (423). 

Writing 121
Cheryl Smith 

Solace 13

I picture bare feet, Popsicles, and dirty fingers. Reminiscing about my own childhood, I settle deeper. Quick vignettes of happiness flash through my mind. Sidewalk chalk in rainbows, discarded bicycles, bouncy balls, and sprinklers. Closing my eyes I sigh and feel a breath whisper against my neck. 

M.E. Waters 

Mudslide 16

As I look back on it now, it seems to me that the path of an addictive personality is like a slippery slope: once you get your feet on it, there is no way back. You just have to ride the slope down and when you are completely spiritually bankrupt, if you’re lucky, someone says something that strikes a true sound deep inside and, out of the confusing haze of self-absorption, you start to see a path going back up the hill of self-respect.

Aubrey Hoover

The Gray Band-Aid  19

Could the act of creating a sealed-off environment fashioned from duct tape and plastic sheeting really protect the public from chemical warfare? While Homeland Security makes claims of its usefulness in some situations, the bulk of society can hardly keep from chuckling at the idea, leaving the public with the thought that this tactic is not much more than a feel-good safety precaution.

Emily Walker

Bovines and Drive-By’s  21

Have there been bad moments when I decided to reach outside my social box by going to Benson? Of course. I have gotten lost in neighborhoods, had buses break down, and I have had people pull knives or fight while standing next to me on the MAX. I have had four very bad physical encounters with people trying to rob me. I was locked in Benson’s basement for 3 hours with 250 other students that hadn’t been evacuated, for whatever reason, during a bomb threat. But if I had to do it all over again, I would. I took a risk.

Lawrence L. Berish

Intelligence and the Nomad  26

One has to realize the problem of fixing our classy wagon demands much more intelligence than we are fully aware of. Deciphering the code of the sometimes incomprehensible rattlings and noises coming from under the front clip of sheet metal takes more wit and strategy than one may perceive.

Writing 122
M. Scott Waibel 

Examples and Implications of the Dual
Nature of Advertising


At first glance, on a conscious level, the images of these advertisements seem to correspond with their respective texts, which appear to stress comfort and fit, lending the ads a credible feel. When one considers what these two ads suggest to the subconscious through their images, however, it becomes apparent that Reebok may be attempting to sell shoes by appealing to ideas other than the mere comfort of their running shoes.

Teresa Corio  

 Patriotic Fallacies 


The flag may not have always been used as a shield, but today that is all I see it used for. People started to worship the flag so much, they forgot its original meaning. Patriotism is not about wearing a flag, it is about loving your country and wanting it to be a good place.

Sarah Praskievicz  

 Develop Cooper Spur? 


When I hear about Cooper Spur, I think of the September day when my dad and I hiked three steep miles, from high-elevation forests over open talus slopes to the summit of the 8,514-foot spur. As I stood facing east, sweaty from climbing in the hot sun and gasping for breath in the oxygen-deprived air, it was like the whole world opened up beneath me.

Christy Vorderstrasse   

 A Clean Bill of Health  


Because of nursing shortages, people wait for doctor’s appointments that run late. Patients in care homes go neglected for lack of nurses. Emergency rooms often have a lengthy wait to see a doctor because of a lack of nurses to help with the patients. These are only a few of the ways that our community is affected by the nursing shortage in Oregon.

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