Exit 17 - Twelfth Edition

A collection of Mt. Hood Community College student essays
from Writing 115, 121, and 122
Reviewed, compiled, edited, and produced by
Holly DeGrow
Michele Hampton
Scarlett Saavedra
Jodie Marion
Eldon McMurray
and the MHCC English Department

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Dorien Campbell

By the time I was trying to apply eyeliner my hands were shaking so badly it’s a wonder I didn’t poke my eye out. What is this thing in the mirror? Whatever it was, I was terrified, but I had gone too far to turn back. The vehicle was headed towards a cliff and the brakes were broken.

Lee Powers III

South Park is able to weigh in on these topics in a powerful yet humorous manner.  For example, while Cartman is on trial for throwing a rock at Token the judge says to Cartman “If you want to hurt another human being, you better make damn sure they’re the same color as you are.”  This implies that certain laws are being implemented in a way to prevent discrimination, but in fact, the laws are discriminatory in and of themselves.

Brandy Johnson

Stores and marketers alike locate items throughout the store to get parents to purchase something they were not there to buy in the first place. As a parent it’s frustrating and disappointing when I have to explain to Hunter that I can’t afford a new toy. If marketers weren’t flooding children’s lives with overwhelming numbers of advertisements, children could start to appreciate what they do have and might not feel the need to ask for as much as they do.

Natalia Marks

We always say that America is a country of freedom, where all people have the right to follow their own beliefs and connect with their culture’s heritage freely, but in reality, this is not completely true. People have always been feared, hated, or ignored by others different from them. This creates isolation for most immigrants in this country.

Dan Clarke

I am grateful that I was able to spend my first six years as a regular kid doing regular stuff with my regular dad. But I am even more grateful that he has endured the sacrifices that he has, which have enabled me to see the world the way I do. The lessons that I have learned from my dad throughout my life came with a price that only he has had to pay.


Jodie Morris

I talk about college constantly. I love it. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. However, now that my perspective has shifted, I’ve noticed that many of my friends from grade school have resigned themselves to what I would refer to as a life governed by internalized classism. They were born into working class or impoverished families and they cannot realistically see a life for themselves beyond that. They live out society’s expectation that they will not have a better life than their parents did.

Cynthia Glidden

Manet’s motives for delivering such a highly controversial painting are mysterious; the lack of definitive answers leaves the viewer able to personalize his or her interpretation of the painting. Margaret Atwood captures this famous painting—part of the men’s art world of the 19th century—and claims it.  As she relates to Olympia, giving her voice and character, Atwood makes the painting’s elusive subject easily relatable and accessible to women.

Tim Proctor

So, are we safer and therefore more free with guns available to us, or without? The interpretation of the second amendment must be addressed in order to answer the question. Should a line be drawn that defines what we consider to be “arms” available to the public? If handguns are allowed, then why not semi-automatics? If semi-automatics are allowed, then why not bazookas?

Patrick Ross

The salmon populations in Oregon have shaped our great state into what it has become today. Vast forests, not only used for recreation but also to fuel the timber industry, were created by salmon’s decaying bodies after spawning, which are spread throughout the forest by animals that are involved in their ecosystem. Towns and thousands of jobs in the fishing industry, such as commercial fishing and guided fishing excursions, popped up almost overnight. But salmon are so tightly woven into the web of their ecosystem that just one stone thrown at it rips holes that can be felt everywhere.


Kelsey Adams

The idea that happiness cannot be purchased has been around forever. Some people live true to it, and others have a house full of stuff. Anna Quindlen’s attempt to persuade people that they cannot simply buy a side of meaning with their quesadilla maker is for their own benefit. Spending tons of money trying to find the one thing that has real value is proof that less is more. But it’s hard to convince someone that what they own, what they’ve worked for, or what they’ve bought is useless.

Vishami Brady

The ad says the phone “lets you work it, even when you’re not at work.” While the woman might be working at a fashion show anywhere, the man is arguably “at work.” His enterprise comes across as less of a hobby and more of a serious career than hers. The underlying message says that successful men still “go to” work. The world is full of gender stereotypes and norms, which is not shocking, but to display them so blatantly in a campaign that is built on the premise of breaking the rules seems odd.

Emma Fulford

The world is big, and it is dangerous, and so much of it is starving and dying and being shot at.  This causes outrage, to be sure -- the state of affairs on our planet makes us very angry, and God knows we have every right to feel that way.  The problem with anger is that it is exhausting, particularly when one is angry about situations so far beyond one’s power to change.  Anger burns itself down to ashes after a while, and what is left is depression.  Depression is simply anger, de-clawed, deflated, drained of its necessary enthusiasm. 

Nicholas Robbins

Imagine a future world where we have filtered out occurrences of a Stephen Hawking and other individuals with disabilities.  It’s possible to draw great inspiration from the persistence and passion of people with disabilities; compassion and empathy can also be learned from association with the disabled.  Without diversity then society will have less need for these emotions.  No one can determine how someone will turn out, and we should not make life decisions based on probabilities.

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