Associate of Science

with an emphasis in Forest Resources Management

Catalog 2009-2010

MHCC Faculty Advisor:
Joan DeYoung: 503-491-7322 - Room AC 2569

Opportunities to study Forest Management, Forest Engineering, Forest Recreation, Natural Resources or Forest Products exist at many universities throughout the United States and Canada. Specific requirements for transfer will vary from institution to institution, but in general, most programs require a year of Biology, a year of Chemistry and Mathematics through Calculus.

The following is a two-year transfer guide for the Forest Resources Management degree at Oregon State University. Students completing this curriculum will earn an A.S. degree from MHCC. This curriculum satisfies lower division general education requirements for the B.S. in Forest Resources Management at OSU. Please see an adviser if you are interested in a related degree or alternate college.

Curricular Outcomes

At the completion of this curriculum, the student should be able to:

  • perform forest inventory field tasks required of natural resource technicians
  • use a broad range of technological tools to research, document, map, measure, record and analyze data relevant to natural resources
  • demonstrate knowledge of social influences on ecosystem management.

Please note: Oregon State University is currently revising their Forest Management degree requirements. Please check with an advisor for current information.

Fall Quarter, First Year Cr
F111  Introduction to Natural Resources 3
CH221 General Chemistry I1 5
MTH111 Pre-Calculus I: Elementary Functions1  5
WR121 English Composition 3
Winter Quarter, First Year  
FT122 Forest Measurements I2 4
CH222 General Chemistry II 5
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking 3
Spring Quarter, First Year  
F200 Introduction to Forest Surveying 4
FT235 Outdoor Recreation 3
MTH112 Pre-Calculus II : Trigonometry/Geometry 5
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
Fall Quarter, Second Year  
F240 Natural Resources Ecology 4

Global Positioning Systems


Aerial Photo Interpretation

BI211 Biology I 5
  Humanities or
Social Science distribution requirement4,5
Winter Quarter, Second Year  
FT228 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
NR180 Career Development in Natural Resources 1
MTH251 Calculus I: Differential Calculus 4
  Elective6 3
  Humanities or
Social Science distribution requirement4,5
Spring Quarter, Second Year  
CIS120L Computer Concepts Lab I7 1
EC201 Principles of Economics I (Micro) 4
WR227 Technical Report Writing7 3
  Humanities or Social Science distribution

1 This curriculum assumes placement into CH221. Students may have to adjust the curriculum if starting in CH151.
2 This curriculum assumes placement into MTH111. Students may have to adjust the curriculum if starting at a lower math level.
3 FT122 and FT221 together satisfy the requirements for FOR 220 Aerial Photo Interpretation and Forest Measurements.
4 Refer to Associate of Science degree requirements, pages 11-12 of the printed catalog. Please note, students will need 6 humanities credits, not counting SP111, AND 6 social science credits.
5 For appropriate liberal arts courses to meet OSU baccalaureate core, see a faculty advisor, refer to the OSU Baccalaureate Core web site:, or run a MHCC DAR S audit report.
6 Students taking CH151, CH221 and CH222 will not need to select an elective.
7 WR 227 and CIS120L are MHCC requirements for the A.S. degree, but are not required by OSU.

Up to two-thirds of MHCC’s Forest Resources Technology program credits transfer to area universities. For program information, visit the website listed below.

Transfer Schools' Web Links
Oregon State University -
(direct transfer and articulation agreement with MHCC)
Humbolt State University -
(direct transfer and articulation agreement with MHCC)
University of Idaho -
(direct transfer )
University of Montana -
(direct transfer )
University of Washington -
(direct transfer)
Washington State University -
(direct transfer)

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This information is meant to serve as a general guide for students intending to major in Forest Resources Management. Specific requirements for transfer will vary from school to school. It is the student's responsibility to contact their four-year transfer school to confirm specific admission requirements.

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