Course Descriptions

GEOG214 :  Geography of Mexico and Central America

This course explores Mexico and Central America as well as the Caribbean from a geographical perspective. This perspective asks what things are like in a particular area, how they came to be that way and what the future of that area is likely to be. Topics include the history, culture, economics, trade, politics, international relations, transportation, pollution, natural hazards and climate of this neighboring portion of our world. Specific discussions include the territorial contraction of Old Mexico, the U.S.- Mexican War, recent conflicts in Central America, Liberation Theology, illegal immigration and drug smuggling into the United States, the development and subsequent decline of maquiladoras in Northern Mexico and NAFTA. Offered at irregular intervals.
Prerequisite: RD090, WR090 and MTH020, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.
Credit Hours: 3
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