Course Descriptions

HT144 :  Destination Specialist

The Destination Specialist program is designed by The Travel Institute (TTI) to provide relevant information necessary for today's serious travel professionals, including those currently working in the field, students interested in a career in the travel industry and anyone interested in learning more about travel geography. The program will highlight one of the following geographic locations: North America, Western Europe, European Culture and Heritage, Caribbean, Pacific Rim, Latin America, Africa - and build travel and tourism geographic knowledge of the area. The program goes beyond basic geography to include such information as how to get there, when to go, pre-trip counseling, accommodations, arrival information, spotlights on unique features and attractions, festivals and customs, and itinerary planning. Students who pass TTI's DS exam will receive a Destination Specialist certificate from The Travel Institute. Because there are different DS courses, students may repeat HT144.
Prerequisite: RD090 and WR090, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels.
Credit Hours: 2
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