Course Descriptions

NAX10 :  Basic Training: Nursing Assistants

This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain understanding of the nursing assistant role in healthcare agencies. Emphasis is on the personal qualities, knowledge and skills needed by the nursing assistant to give quality basic nursing care under supervision. Opportunity is provided to practice basic nursing skills and procedures under the supervision of the instructor. Prerequisite: Documented reading competency required (9th grade or higher) or college placement test score of RD115 or higher.
Prerequisite: Documented reading competency required (grade 9 or higher) or College Placement Test score of RD115 or higher. Note: Financial Aid is NOT available for this class. Admission into the Nursing Assistant class is facilitated through the Admissions and Records Office. Interested students should review the NA admissions requirements found on the MHCC web site at or call 503-491-7506 to request the information to be mailed. Admissions evaluators signature is required for registration. This course is organized in compliance with the Oregon Nurse Practice Act, Division 61, Oregon Administrative Rules.
Credit Hours: 0
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