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Career PathwaysIntegrated Media: Photography
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Catalog Year 2014-2015

MHCC Faculty Adviser:
David Strohl - 503-491-7412

In the past decade the line between commercial and art photography has all but disappeared. A highly personalized look can open doors to a diverse range of career opportunities. The Integrated Media: Photography program balances personal artistic development with an intensive focus on technical skills and building commercially-viable sensibilities. Students explore contemporary photographic applications of digital technology: composition, portraiture, digital workflow and media management, studio and location lighting, applications of DSLR video and freelance business practices. Students will also receive a strong foundation in digital photo enhancement and manipulation techniques. Working in creative design teams, students create both print and Web-based projects in a real-world environment. Each student is responsible for creating a traditional printed portfolio and a Web-based portfolio upon completion of the program.

The photography facilities include fully equipped studios for portraiture, product and fashion photography. Students have access to a wide variety of professional equipment: specialized cameras, camera lenses, strobe and constant lighting equipment as well as a Mac computer lab equipped with current photo software.

Graduates of the associate degree program are prepared to seek entry-level jobs such as photography assistant, studio manager, freelance photographer, photo editor, digital imaging specialist and Photoshop operator. While attending school, many of our students also secure valuable internships with professional photographers and studios in the area as part of their credited coursework.

Program Outcomes
At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Collaborate effectively with others
  • Demonstrate ability to adapt to changing technology
  • Use effective oral and written communication
  • Access and analyze information
  • Demonstrate curiosity and imagination

Admission Requirements
The Integrated Media: Photography program is an open-entry program beginning in fall term only. Prospective students are admitted on a space available basis after academic criteria has been met.

Students must have a current record on file and meet the minimum proficiency level in reading, writing and mathematics. Proficiency can be satisfied by placement into MTH060, WR115 and RD115 on the MHCC College Placement Test (CPT) or by completion of MTH020, WR090 and RD090 (or equivalent transfer courses demonstrated through official transcripts on file at MHCC).

Call 503-491-7678 for information about taking the College Placement Test.

Students can simply register on a first-come, first-served basis for fall term in late May when the open registration period begins. Wait lists will be established for each option as the courses fill to capacity..

Requirement for Continuing into Winter Term
Students must have the consent of their faculty program adviser and meet the proficiencies of their fall program classes to continue into the second term of Integrated Media courses. Students will be provided with clear performance expectations when classes start in September.

Students accepted into Photography must have access to a manually adjustable DSLR camera such as the Canon D70, Rebel T3i or Nikon D7000.

For more information, please contact an Integrated Media faculty adviser or visit or

First Quarter (Fall) Credits
IM150 Digital Imaging 5
IM178 Sound, Frame, Light 4
IM179 Digital Tools and Workflow 5
WR121 English Composition 4
Second Quarter (Winter)
IM152 Photography Lighting I 5
IM190 Web Basics 4
DP160 Photo Editing I 5
Third Quarter (Spring)
DP153 Studio Lighting 5
DP165 Photo Editing II 5
ART215P Survey in Visual Arts: Photography 3
MTH065 Beginning Algebra II (or higher)2 4
Fourth Quarter (Fall)
IM260 Professional Practice for Integrated Media 4
IM270 Project Development 4
DP250 Photographic Lighting II 5
  Human Relations requirement‡ 3-4
Fifth Quarter (Winter)
IM271 The Creative Pitch 4
IM282 Integrated Media Focus1   4
DP249 Photojournalism 5
Sixth Quarter (Spring)
IM290 Integrated Media Portfolio 4
IM272 Integrated Media Projects or
WE280IM_Co-op Education Internship3
DP252 Digital Media Studio 5
  Health and Physical Education requirement‡ 3
Total Credits 94-95

1Students may select any combination of the five-week IM282 courses to total four credits.
2A College Placement Test (CPT) score does not fulfill this requirement. Students must successfully complete the required mathematics course (or higher.)
3Any combination of WE280IMA, WE280IMB, WE280IMC or WE280IMD to total four credits. Instructor and dean permission is required; check with instructor for the course number and credits appropriate to the internship assignment.

‡See Associate of Applied Science Degree, page 20 of the printed catalog.

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