• MHCC Mountain Card

  • Simplify Your Finances While in School; Created by Students for Students

    How Does the Mountain Card Work

    All MHCC students registered for at least one credit are eligible for a Mountain Card. THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD! The Mountain Card is the key to choosing your refund preference.

    What to watch for in the mail.

    MHCC Mountain Card

    How to Activate Your Card

    Please visit us at www.MHCCMountainCard.com to activate your card and choose your refund preference. For step by step instructions on activation please watch this short video: Learn About One.

    Your Refund Options

    The OneAccount is the fastest way to receive your refunds. Your refund will be received the same day the College sends the refund to HigherOne. This FDIC insured free checking account has no minimum balance requirement and allows you access to your account 24/7 online. Your User ID, password, and ATM PIN are set up during the activation process. The Mountain Card is a Debit MasterCard (this is NOT a credit card) which gives you purchasing power worldwide. Be sure to swipe and sign to avoid the PIN based transaction fees. Please visit the Higher One website to view the fee schedule.

    To find a few tips on banking please visit Hands On Banking.

    You may request automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic deposit to your existing bank account. Your refund will be received within 2-3 business days of the College sending the refund to HigherOne.

    You may also request a paper check to be mailed to your address on file. You will receive your refund check within 5-7 business days.

    How to Change Your Refund Preference

    You can change your refund preference anytime by logging into your OneAccount at www.MHCCMountainCard.com. From the main menu bar select Financial Refunds then Refund Preferences chose your new choice and click the Update Preferences button.

    How Will You Know When Your Refund Has Been Deposited to Your OneAccount

    You will receive an e-mail when your refund has been directly deposited to your OneAccount. You can also check your OneAccount balance/activity 24 hours a day at www.MHCCMountainCard.com. Notification by text message is also available by setting "mobile alert" options in the "profile" section of your Higher One account.

    The HigherOne ATM

    HigherOne ATM’s are located in the lobby of the library and in the college center. You can use the ATM to withdraw cash and/or view the available balance on your OneAccount. There is no fee when using your Mountain Card and the daily cash limit is $500. If the Higher One ATM is not in service, you may use an alternative ATM. There is a non-Higher One ATM's are located on campus in the Jazz Cafe Lobby. Please file an incident report through Easy Help at www.MHCCMountainCard.com or by calling 1-800-816-3130 to request reimbursement for the applicable fees associated with using a non-Higher One ATM. Higher One will refund up to a total of $5.00 per person per day.

    What is the Higher One Communication Box and Where is it Located

    The Higher One communication box is a secure drop box you can use to mail deposits and other correspondence to Higher One. The communication box is located in the front lobby of Student Services.

    How do you Order a Replacement Card

    You may visit the Higher One website at www.MHCCMountainCard.com and use the Wheres my Card feature to track your card delivery. Active cardholders can order a replacement card by logging into their account profile. Under the Profile tab, select Card Status and then follow the prompts to order your new card. You may also contact Higher One Customer Service at 1-800-816-3130, or the MHCC Mountain Card Team at 503-491-7100.

    If a Staff Member (or faculty) Received a Card in the Mail- Do They Need to Activate the Card

    Yes. Faculty and staff registered for a credit course and receiving financial aid will receive a card in the event they receive a reimbursement in their role as a student.

    This is not Your Student ID Card

    You still need your student ID card to use on campus.

    What to do if You Have a Change of Address

    If you need to update your address, please log into your student account at my.mhcc.edu/ics or stop by the Admissions office in Student Services.

    Where to Go for Help

    You may contact HigherOne at 800-816-3130 Monday Friday from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM pacific time, or you may visit them online at www.MHCCMountainCard.com. You may contact the MHCCs Mountain Card Team at 503-491-7100.