MHCC Partners with McMenamins on Beverage Management Class

Posted: June 21, 2013  

Hoke Harden
Hoke Harden

Hoke Harden’s first batch of home crafted wine showed potential – until it exploded. No worries, however, since the nine-year-old was more interested in the science of fermentation than actual imbibing.

Now, with three decades of experience and education, Harden is a world-renowned expert in all facets of the world of wine and spirits – from retailing, buying and marketing to critiquing, judging and educating.

It’s that latter area, education, that brings Harden to Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC). He will teach a two-part class this summer called Beverage Management: Beers, Sakes and Ciders. MHCC is partnering with McMenamins Edgefield to provide the three-credit, 30-hour course. The class will meet in an area above the Power Station Pub at historic Edgefield. McMenamins staff will demonstrate beverage production, illustrate the basics of fermentation and provide tours of the brewing and distilling operations.

The class is offered through MHCC’s Hospitality and Tourism program and provides education into the entire scope of beverage operations. Resort managers, restaurant managers and hoteliers must be familiar with all aspects of beverage management, such as product, service, presentation, inventory, cost control, training new staff and other areas. Harden says the class “provides a passionate ‘craft and knowledge’ approach to students. It is a very Oregonian (or rather, more closely Portlandian) attitude at a fairly inexpensive and practical cost level.”

He says that beverage management is a popular area of study because “service jobs are the new focus in the U.S. economy and the best qualified and educated people will get the best jobs.”

Career Opportunities

Beverage management is a rewarding field because it allows students to expand their appreciation of a craft-art-science at a sophisticated level in a state and region known for micro-brewing, spirits distillation and wine-production, says Harden.

Beverage Management: Beers, Sakes and Ciders meets Mondays 6 – 7:50 p.m. and a tasting class meets Mondays, 8 – 8:50 p.m. through Aug. 31. To register, please visit or call 503-491-7515 for more information.

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