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Clinical Skills Lab and Simulation Center

Our building is dedicated to Fred and Brandace Bruning through whose generosity and vision the Center was made a reality.

Fred and Brandace Bruning

Clinical Skills Lab
The Clinical Skills lab (CSL) at the Bruning Center is designed for interdisciplinary student learning in a simulated healthcare environment. It houses 5 hospitals beds that are easily converted to simulate any care setting that enhances student learning. The CSL supports students learning through the use of low, medium, and high fidelity simulators and multimedia learning tools. Take a tour! 

Simulation Lab “Mistakes are puzzles to be reasoned out, not mistakes to be punished.”

“It’s alive!!!” is the cry when the Sim Man’s chest rises with each breath and he/she speaks to students! This high tech teaching tool enables students to practice care and clinical decision making in a safe learning environment. Safety is fundamental to quality patient care: safety for not only patients, but also for the students, staff, and the clinical environment. Our students have an opportunity to develop and embed safety into their practice prior to entering the clinical setting. This increases student confidence, learning, and performance in clinical practice. Behaviors and skills required in high-risk care situations can be honed prior to caring for people. Team work and communication can be practiced in stressful situations so effectiveness of care is not diminished.

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