Prohibited Individuals

If you see the following individuals on campus, notify Public Safety immediately at 503-491-7310.

The individuals on this page have been notified to stay off Mt. Hood Community property. This includes all properties and buildings owned by the college. If these individuals are found on campus they are subject to Oregon's revised statutes 164.245 (Criminal Trespass II)

This page displays only the individuals that were involved in incidents that are considered to be compromising to the safety and security of the college community.

Photo Last Name First Name M.I. Date
PeterSasson  Smith Smith Peter Sasson 07/25/15
Doniell Tisdale Tisdale Doniell J 07/09/15
Ali Jassim Jassim Ali   05/14/15
Joshua Rock Rock Joshua J 04/12/15
Jeridiah Lee Lee Jedidiah S 01/22/15
Martimiano Olvera Olvera Martimiano J. 11/04/14
Jedad Dawson Stepp Brian Scott   09/15/14
Jedad Dawson Dawson Jerad   09/03/14
Jeremy Ross Garner Ashly A.   07/22/14
  Kos Steven E.   07/22/14
Jeremy Ross Ross Jeremy   06/06/14
Justin Lee Brugger Brugger Justin Lee 05/27/14
Michael Wayne Wetzel Wetzel Michael Wayne 05/05/14
Sean Strom Strom Sean M. 05/01/14
Daniel J. Coleman Coleman Daniel J. 01/31/14
Paul Welch Adams Thomas   01/11/14
Paul Welch Slayton Mark   12/02/13
Paul Welch Welch Paul   11/18/13
Royce Jackson Jackson Royce   11/18/13
Sebastian Gomez Gomez Sebastian   10/31/13
Samuel Melthratter Melthratter Samuel   10/28/13
Grant Millard Millard Grant   10/14/13
Cedric Jones Jones Cedric   08/29/13
Angel R. Amsden Amsden Angel R. 03/30/13
Richard John Bixel Bixel Richard J. 03/18/13
James Ah Loo Ah Loo James   02/26/13
Michael McCoy McCoy Michael   02/26/13
Sage Reeves Reeves Sage   01/09/13
Charles D. Labord Labord Charles D. 01/07/13
Devon Travers Travers Devon   09/26/12
Maurice Murrain Jr. Murrain Jr. Maurice   08/08/12
Cameron Dean Crenshaw Crenshaw Cameron D. 08/04/12
Richard Norlin Norlin Richard P. 06/04/12
Vernon Vasey Vasey Vernon   04/27/12
Jason Gibson Gibson Jason   03/09/12
Spencer Travers Travers Spencer   03/08/12
Carlos Hernandez Hernandez Carlos   02/29/12
Demitrius Hopkins Hopkins Demitrius   01/23/12
Anuradha Bheemreddy   Bheemreddy Anuradha   12/19/11
Robert Nettle   Nottle Robert   12/07/11
Curtis May   May Curtis   10/10/11
Samuel Rice   Rice Samuel   09/29/11
Karrie Young   Young Karrie   09/22/11
Deven Loree   Loree Deven   09/07/11
Steven J. Heckel   Heckel Steven J. 09/07/11
Jeremy Windle   Windle Jeremy   08/31/11
Kerry O'Toole   O'Toole Kerry   08/23/11
Arthur Davis   Davis Arthur   08/17/11
Christopher R. Fletcher   Fletcher Christopher R. 08/5/11
Robert A. Kempnich   Kempenich Robert A. 06/23/11
David Hartung   Hartung David L. 06/12/11
David Yang   Yang David   05/24/11
Kevin Sockett  


Kevin   05/18/11
Jeffery Ludwig   Ludwig Jeffery   05/02/11
Tinh Thi Vu   Vu Tinh Thi 01/20/11
Laura Roholt   Roholt Laura   12/07/10
Nicholas A. Indre   Barber David A. 11/08/10
Nicholas A. Indre   Indre Nicholas A. 09/23/10
Skyler P. Lindsay   Lindsay Skyler P. 09/13/10
Mike Lorie Charles   Charles Mike L. 08/19/10
Paul D. Larson   Larson Paul D. 05/20/10
  Wadeigh Neal E. 10/18/09
Ezequiel Desiderio Gutierrez    Gutierrez Ezequiel D. 09/16/09
Blaine R Gagner   Gagner Blaine R. 08/15/09
Aaron Johnson   Johnson Aaron M. 08/10/09
James R. Schmidt   Schmidt James R. 07/23/09
Cate Lynn Gary   Gary Cate L. 05/03/09
James Legore   Legore James S. 04/30/09
Remington, Nicholas   Remington Nicholas L. 03/19/09
Gonzales, Ramon   Gonzales Ramon M. 03/19/09
  Creed William E. 02/19/09
Christian Sanchez   Sanchez Christian D. 01/23/09
Ralph Steele   Steele Ralph   01/08/09
  Pitts Justin   12/03/08
  Peterson John J. 12/03/08
  Steele Andrew J. 12/03/08
  Wold James A. 11/07/08
  Hague Daniel  


Richard Lewis   Lewis Richard   04/28/08
  Schwab Stephen   04/03/08
  Wills Brandon W 02/12/08
  Reed Zach R 01/30/08
  Hess Kevin M 01/30/08
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