• Meet the Student Success team!

  • Audrey Fisher, Student Success Specialist
    Audrey Fisher
    Student Success Specialist

    I’ve worked at Mt. Hood Community College in various roles since 2009, but started in the AVID|Learning Success Center as a math tutor in 2010. In 2012, I was promoted to Lead Tutor, and in 2015 to Learning Specialist. After graduating from Marylhurst University with my BA in English Literature and Writing, it felt like the perfect step to continue my professional journey with MHCC as the AVID Student Success Specialist.

    The main focus of my work under the Student Success Grant is helping students find their balance between school, work, and life. I do this by helping students navigate college and community systems and teaching them study skills for college success. Education can be a catalyst for transformation, and I love encouraging students as they uncover their passions and talents.

    When I’m not working, you will find me in one of three places: hiking in the Gorge with my dog Penny Lane, browsing the aisles of Powell’s and spending too much money there, or playing music with my all-lady band, The Emily Dickinson Situation.

    Taneisha Manning-Granville, Student Success Specialist
    Taneisha Manning-Granville
    Student Success Specialist

    Having completed college while fulfilling my important roles as a wife and a mother- I understand the desire to be a successful student while maintaining important relationships with family. The task of balancing responsibilities of life while being a student can seem overwhelming at times.

    As a Student Success Specialist, my goal is to support you from start to finish. Whether you are strengthening your academic skills in preparation for completing your high school diploma or GED, pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree, applying for a competitive entry program or seeking to earn a certificate to enter the workforce - I am here to help. I can provide academic and career mapping, assistance with applying for financial aid and scholarships and identifying additional community resources for your household. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey towards success.

    In my free time, you will find me cozying up under my terry cloth robe and reading a book, hiking with family or friends at one of the fabulous trails within city limits, speed walking or singing gospel or jazz arrangements at local events.

    My goal is to: “Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open”

    Stephanie English, Student Success Specialist
    Stephanie English
    Student Success Specialist

    I was born in Reno, NV but at this point I have lived in Oregon for longer than I have lived anywhere else and consider the Pacific Northwest my home. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry which I occasionally use in the kitchen and a Master of Arts in Teaching which I use every day.

    Before coming to Mt. Hood Community College in 2006, I taught high school science for 12 years in the Portland area. I started at Mt. Hood as a part time Chemistry tutor and have been a Learning Specialist in the AVID|Learning Success Center since 2009.

    Mentoring students and helping them be successful was my favorite part of teaching and as a Student Success Specialist I’m able to do that every day. The focus of my work on Student Success Grant is helping students in the Adult Basic Skills program transition to 1 year and associate degree programs. I work with students in a wide variety of health professions and industrial technology programs so I get to learn new things all the time, which I love.

    When I am not working, I enjoy a wide variety of crafts in the fiber arts, including knitting, embroidery and sewing. I’m a self-professed science fiction and history geek as well.

    Maura Brady, Student Success Specialist
    Maura Brady
    Student Success Specialist

    I am passionate about helping people live the lives they want to live by increasing equity and access to education, employment, and the supports folks need in order to be successful.

    Growing up, I was fortunate to have a positive experience in the education system but I saw that many of my peers from different racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds had vastly different experiences. This upset me deeply, and, as a result, I have been working with underserved communities in education and employment services for the last eight years. After I graduated from the University of Delaware, I taught high school English in the South Bronx for three years. When I moved to Portland five years ago, I started working at New Avenues for Youth, where I supported youth who were experiencing homelessness as well as other obstacles. The resilience and determination of the folks I’ve had the honor of working with - despite the many challenges they’ve faced - continues to inspire me and drive the work that I do. I am thrilled to continue this work with Mt. Hood Community College students in my role as a Student Success Specialist.

    Outside of work, I love spending as much time as I can outside hiking, backpacking, trail running, and taking photos of beautiful, varied Pacific Northwest landscapes.