• The Fireplace Gallery Presents “Imagination Obscura”

    Portland artist Natalie Wood is displaying her first solo exhibit, "Imagination Obscura," in the Student Union Fireplace Gallery. The exhibit will be up until Feb. 27.

    Natalie Wood
    Artist Natalie Wood is displaying her first solo exhibit,
    “Imagination Obscura," in the MHCC Fireplace Gallery.

    Wood describes the exhibit as a collection of “collage photography” or photomontages. To create her pieces, she cuts out sections of photos she’s taken and layers them upon each other to create an entirely new image.

    According to Wood: "My work is a fusion of things I would like to see, things I wish I could find in reality, and a visual scrapbook of places I’ve been."

    "I grew up working for a portrait photographer in Las Vegas,” she added. “As a female photographer – and one who wasn’t really interested in taking photos of people – I felt trapped by the ever-changing set of standards that other photographers dictated to me. They’d say, ‘Why don’t you use a $10,000 lens? Why are you using this filter? Why don’t you just shoot weddings?’"

    "I made myself a promise: I’d use whatever means necessary and available to me to get what was in my brain onto the final product. No restrictions. I began traveling the world to visit places and then returning to Oregon to transform my photos into unique hybrids of photography and collage."

    Wood said that it is her hope that the people who view her work can “find their own connection between dreaming and waking, desire and memory, and dark and light."

    See more of Wood's artistry at http://neverwood.me/

    Natalie Wood Artwork