• Janet Liu to speak at MHCC

    Posted: 03/06/2107

    Janet Liu found her niche speaking about her Chinese heritage and background nearly a decade ago while with Toastmasters. Now, as a member of the Portland Storytellers’ Guild, her stories offer “a little taste of the Chinese culture.”

    Janet Liu will speak about
    Chinese New Year at MHCC.

    “I’m really drawn to telling stories that bridge the gap between China and America,” said Liu. “Stories that highlight Chinese celebrations, like Chinese New Year, and the story of Chinese immigrants.”

    Liu grew up in Taiwan listening to stories from her grandmother about Old China, when it was still ruled over by an emperor. When Liu was just a child, she came to America with her family. Her stories offer a unique perspective on these two very different cultures.

    On Tuesday, March 7, Liu will speak about Chinese New Year and other traditional Chinese celebrations at the MHCC Studio Theatre.

    “Chinese New Year is an incredibly important holiday,” she said, referring to the Jan. 28, 2017, celebration. “It’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all rolled into one – and there’s an unimaginable amount of travel going on then.”

    The storytelling will be followed by a reception, with foods from an authentic Chinese New Year meal, in the Student Union Fireplace Lounge.