• Preparing for a New President, A Message from the MHCC Board

    A message from the MHCC District Board of Education:

    As we prepare to welcome Dr. Lisa Skari as our new college President, I would like to share with you a little on how our board of education will work with the new leader in accomplishing the goals we have set forth.


    Each board member is committed to increasing our involvement with our community, local elected officials, and state and national leaders. We will work alongside our new President in advocating for our students, staff, college and community on issues that may impact our district.


    As a board, it is our responsibility to promote the college and continue building relationships that highlight and enhance the college’s educational efforts. We will do this through written articles, meetings held in various locations within our district, and the involvement of staff and community members in the college decision-making process. Communication is also key for our new President. We will work to make sure the lines of communication are always open.


    We will continue to work at ensuring that our college is free from harassment, discrimination, racism and any other form of bias that impacts our students, employees and community.


    We will work with the new President in addressing the challenges faced by our students regarding the true cost of education. We will work to implement policies that improve access to financial and service resources, assisting students to move toward successful completion of their educational goals.


    The board is committed to taking part in economic and workforce development efforts within our district by serving on other local boards or committees and ensuring that we have strong partnerships in advancing these efforts.

    Financial Stability

    It is our responsibility to work alongside the President in guaranteeing MHCC’s financial health and sustainability. We will work with the President to ensure that the process continues to be transparent and inclusive.


    We will work alongside the new President to make sure this campus continues to be welcoming and provides the support necessary to access the institution’s learning opportunities.

    Board and Presidential Relationships

    It is the responsibility of the MHCC Board of Education to work with the College President in the development of a relationship based in trust and mutual respect. The president’s annual evaluation is an important tool to provide the Board with information regarding the challenges, opportunities, and successes the president experiences in carrying out his or her duties and responsibilities. We will continue to work to ensure this effort is not only respectful but results in successful outcomes for this institution.

    These are goals the board has set forth for itself and will work alongside Dr. Skari to accomplish.