• MHCC Achieves 11 Percent Increase in Overall Completions For 2016-17 School Year

    Mt. Hood Community College saw an 11 percent increase in its overall completion rate for the 2016-17 school year (ending July 21) than it did compared with the previous school year.

    Commencement 2017 at MHCC.
    Commencement 2017 at MHCC.

    The growth was most noticeable in two-year degrees; 1504 associate degrees were awarded this year, compared with 1280 last year. In addition, MHCC saw more one-year certificates, less-than one-year certificates and Oregon transfer modules earned during the 2016-17 school year.

    “This is great news: it means we’re on the right path,” said John Hamblin, executive dean of student development at MHCC. “The growth in two-year degrees awarded also points to our success in retaining students once they start here. It means that they’re continuing on with their educations and achieving that pinnacle degree we offer.

    The fall term begins September 25. Learn more at mhcc.edu

    Just the Facts:
    Year Awarded:7/15 - 7/167/16 - 7/17
    1-year certificate:138142
    2-year degree:12801504
    < 1-year certificate:271289
    Adult High School Diploma:4033
    MHCC's GED/AHSD graduation in June 2017.
    MHCC's GED/AHSD graduation in June 2017.