• Associate of Applied Science Degree – AAS

  • The Associate of Applied Science degree is intended to prepare students for the workforce. This degree requires specific General Education as detailed below and allows the majority of coursework to focus on career development. Refer to individual Career-Technical degrees for specific requirements.

    All AAS degrees require a minimum minimum of 90 credits. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all courses being applied toward the degree and maintain a 2.00 GPA in the candidate’s major classes.

    Complete 4 credits at a level equivalent to MTH 065 or higher
    Course Number Course Title
    MTH065 Beginning Algebra II
    MTH095 Interm Algebra w/Ry Triangle Trig
    MTH105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
    MTH111 Pre-Calculus I: Elementary Functions
    MTH112 Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry / Geometry
    MTH211 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I
    MTH212 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II
    MTH213 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics III
    MTH243 Statistics I
    MTH244 Statistics II
    MTH251 Calculus I: Differential Calculus
    MTH252 Calculus II: Integral Calculus
    MTH253 Calculus III
    MTH254 Calculus IV: Vector Calculus
    MTH256 Differential Equations
    MTH261 Linear Algebra
    A minimum of 3 credits
    Course Number Course Title
    WR101 Workplace Communications
    WR121 English Composition
    Human Relations
    A minimum of 3 credits
    Course Number Course Title
    ANTH103 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
    BA285 Leadership and Human Relations
    EC115 Introduction to Economics
    GEOG106 Intro to World Regional Geography
    GEOG107 Intro to Cultural Geography
    HST110 Ancient World History
    HST111 Medieval World History
    HST112 Medieval World History
    HUM202 Age of Technology: Ethics in the Workplace
    MUS261 Music History
    MUS262 Music History
    MUS263 Music History
    PHL202 Fundamental Ethics
    PS200 Intro to Political Science
    PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations
    PSY201 General Psychology
    PSY202 General Psychology
    PSY235 Human Dev I: Prenatal – Late Childhood
    PSY237 Human Development
    R210 World Religions
    SOC204 Gen Sociology: Principles of Sociology
    SOC213 Race Relations: U.S.
    SOC216 Sociology of the Family
    WS101 Introduction to Women’s Studies
    Health/Physical Education
    1 or more course totaling 3 or more credits in either Physical Education (PE) and/or in Health Education (HE/HPE).

    3 credit hours of PE185 may be granted toward an Associate degree at MHCC for completion of military basic training. A copy of the DD214 form is required.

    Course Number Course Title
    HE151 Drug Education: Stimulants and Performance Enhancing Drugs
    HE152 Drug Education: Opioids, Cannabis, Depressants and Hallucinogens
    HE202 Adult Development and Aging
    HE204 Diet and Weight Control
    HE205 Diet Appraisal
    HE207 Stress Control Through Activity Intervention
    HE208 HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
    HE250 Personal Health
    HE252 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies
    HE255 Alcohol and the Family
    HE261 CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    HE265 Women's Health Issues
    HPE285OL Wilderness Survival
    HPE291 Lifeguard Training
    HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life
    PE185 PE Activity Course
    PS292SWT Water Safety Instruction
    Repeated courses may be counted only once toward graduation unless specified in the course description.