• AAWCC Bylaws

  • Mt. Hood Community College Chapter of
    the American Association for Women in Community Colleges


    The name of this organization shall be the Mt. Hood Community College Chapter of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (MHCC AAWCC). It shall be recognized as such upon the approval of the Board of Directors of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges.


    The purposes of this organization shall be to:

    • Encourage educational program development for women in community, junior, and technical colleges.
    • Support women in various professional and leadership roles throughout MHCC.
    • Support female students in their professional goals.
    • Develop communications among women in community colleges.
    • Promote and offer local and state workshops for women in community colleges.
    • Disseminate information on courses, programs, and services for professional women.
    • Run fundraising campaigns for local chapter and scholarships, including Oregon Institute for Leadership Development (OILD).


    Section 1. Active membership is open to any person employed by or enrolled in Mt. Hood Community College

    Section 2. Membership shall become effective upon payment of MHCC AAWCC annual dues (fall or spring) and shall remain in good standing with payment of all current year dues. The amount of dues shall be fixed by the MHCC AAWCC Executive Committee and reviewed annually.

    Section 3. The MHCC AAWCC is constituted of at least ten (10) current members in good standing as specified in Article III, Section 2.

    Section 4. Each individual member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of this organization and shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of
    the membership. A majority vote shall prevail.

    Section 5. Paying members will have access to conference scholarship applications and other members-only pricing on MHCC AAWCC events.


    Section 1. The officers of this organization—collectively referred to as the Executive Committee—each of whom must be a member in good standing, shall be: President; President-Elect; Past-President (Campus Contact for state and national chapters); VP of Administrative Services – Secretary; VP of Finance; VP of Membership; VP of Chapter Engagement and Recruitment; VP of Web Development & Social Media; Member(s) At Large; and American Association for University Women (AAUW) Liaison.

    Section 2. Officers shall serve for a term of one year or until their successors have been duly elected and installed.

    Section 3. Officers shall be elected annually by November 15, with the exception of the AAUW Liaison, who is appointed by the MHCC President. Elections will be
    conducted by email, online surveys, and/or general meetings.

    Section 4. In the event the office of President becomes vacant, the President-Elect shall succeed to the office. Should any office become vacant, the board will appoint a replacement. The appointee will serve out the term of the position to which he/she has been appointed. If an executive committee member misses more than two (2) executive committee meetings and/or three (3) chapter meetings, without notice, or the position duties are not being fulfilled, the executive committee may declare the position vacant and appoint a replacement.

    Section 5. The duties of the officers of the organization shall be as follows:


    1. Serve as the presiding officer of the organization.
    2. Act as the representative of the organization to the public.
    3. Make appointments if necessary to fill vacancies in offices and on the Executive Committee.
    4. Call special Executive Committee meetings when necessary.
    5. Appoint committees as necessary.
    6. Approve payment of all bills in coordination with President-Elect and VP of Finance.


    1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
    2. Work with campus representatives to coordinate events sponsored by the chapter.
    3. Submit annual and semi-annual operational reports to the National AAWCC's Regional Director: annual report of Elected Officers, annual report of Current Membership, annual Financial Report, and the MHCC Chapter By-Laws, all due September 1st; semi-annual MHCC AAWCC Activity Report, due September 1st and March 1st.
    4. Coordinate OILD (Oregon Institute of Leadership Development) applications and all scholarship application processes for various professional development opportunities.
    5. Approve payment of all bills in coordination with President and VP of Finance.
    6. Perform other duties assigned by the President.
    7. Take notes in absence of VP of Administrative Services.

    Past-President / Campus Contact

    1. Coordinate and conduct annual election of officers.
    2. Serve as Campus Contact to AAWCC Oregon Chapter; notify Oregon Chapter officers accordingly upon taking office.
    3. Serve as counsel and back-up to President and President-Elect.
    4. Take notes in absence of VP of Administrative Services / President-Elect.

    VP of Administrative Services

    1. Take minutes and attendance, and track action items at MHCC AAWCC Executive and chapter meetings.
    2. Distribute minutes and action items to MHCC AAWCC members through online file sharing (e.g. OneDrive).
    3. Assist President-Elect with Semi-Annual Activity Reports for National AAWCC.
    4. Coordinate all meeting logistics: send out meeting requests; reserve meeting spaces; send meeting reminders; draft and finalize agendas.
    5. Schedule various MHCC AAWCC activities and add to MHCC calendar.

    VP of Finance

    1. Pay all bills of MHCC AAWCC which are authorized by both the President and President-Elect.
    2. Keep an up-to-date and orderly record of funds.
    3. Identify and file all tax forms required by IRS, if requested.
    4. Collaborate with the VP of Membership in carrying out the membership duties and collect all chapter membership dues.
    5. Prepare and maintain the budget for approval by Executive Committee, including an annual report.
    6. Prepare annual Financial Report by July 30th: give copy to President-Elect for National AAWCC, and present at MHCC AAWCC's annual Strategic Planning Retreat.
    7. Coordinate payment of scholarships.

    VP of Membership

    1. Track membership dues and maintain two updated email lists: 1) paying members, and 2) informational list.
    2. Coordinate payment of membership dues, in support of the VP of Finance.
    3. Update and track membership applications and dues at least twice a year in support of VP of Chapter Engagement and Recruitment.
    4. Add new members to MS Outlook meeting and event invitations.
    5. Prepare annual Membership Report by July 30th: give copy to President- Elect for National AAWCC, and provide at MHCC AAWCC's annual Strategic Planning Retreat (usually in August).
    6. Coordinate membership table at meetings.

    VP of Chapter Engagement and Recruitment

    1. Lead membership recruitment campaigns in collaboration with the Executive Committee.
    2. Work with Executive Committee to update and enhance chapter communications and increase MHCC AAWCC visibility on campus.
    3. Assist VP of Membership with membership drive every fall and spring.
    4. Create marketing materials and press releases as needed; file these documents in online file sharing system.

    VP of Web Development & Social Media

    1. Design and maintain MHCC AAWCC Chapter website and social media presence.
    2. Collaborate with VP of Chapter Engagement and Recruitment for marketing and archival efforts.
    3. Communicate with Executive Committee to keep web content current.
    4. Stay abreast of new software options and social media platforms relevant to Chapter’s needs.

    AAUW Liaison (Appointed by College President)

    1. Serve as communications conduit between AAUW and MHCC AAWCC regarding issues of interest, events, and organizational updates.

    Members at Large (2 optional – Appointed annually by Executive Committee)

    1. Assist the Executive Committee in setting and achieving goals and affecting policies and/or decisions.
    2. One or both of these positions can remain empty or filled as needed.


    Section 1. Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee has authority to conduct all executive and administrative functions of the MHCC AAWCC. Elective and referendum matters must go to the
    chapter as a whole.

    Section 2. Subcommittees
    Members may volunteer for subcommittees on an ongoing bases and report to the Executive Committee.

    Section 3. Special Committees
    The Executive Committee will appoint members to special committees as needed, provide the charge to the committee, and designate the reporting process.


    The MHCC AAWCC shall conduct at least three (3) meetings or activities for members per year, and at least one (1) strategic planning retreat for the executive
    committee per year, usually in August.


    The MHCC AAWCC Executive Committee officers will provide the National American Association for Women in Community Colleges' Regional Director for
    Oregon, with information, including at least:

    • Annually: current By-Laws, due September 1st
    • Annually: Elected officers, due September 1st
    • Annually: Membership list, due September 1st
    • Annually: Financial report, due September 1st
    • Semi-Annually: Activity Report, due September 1st and March 1st