• Administrative Office Professional FAQ

  • What is an administrative office professional?

    Today’s administrative office professionals are support personnel who handle many managerial responsibilities in a variety of office settings.

    The administrative assistant is a necessary component in the work team in any field or office. You can work in retail, hospitality, food service, government, medicine, law, or many other places.

    How do I get started?

    You can begin this program at the start of any term. Before you register for our courses, contact your faculty adviser, which is determined by the first letter of your last name:

    How long does this program take?
    You may finish the AOP degree training in 18 months (six terms) if you are attending full-time (15 or more credit hours per term). With careful advising you could complete the program at a faster or slower pace. If you have previous work experience or college credits, the training may be shorter.
    Who are my instructors?

    Three full-time faculty work as instructors and advisers in the AOP program: Robin Born, Brenda Houchen, and Anna Johnson. A few part-time instructors teach keyboarding or other courses.

    Read more about your instructors.
    What does an administrative assistant do?
    You may help with the following tasks: hiring and overseeing support staff; managing financial resources; coaching and counseling; working directly with managers; and resolving conflicts.

    An administrative assistant needs to communicate well in writing, in person, and on the phone to accomplish tasks that keep a business running
    Will I get “job experience” in this program?
    Yes! In the associate’s degree, a structured cooperative work experience (internship) is recommended during your second year. Many students make contacts during internships that help them gain employment after they graduate.