• Non-supported Printers: AR-2060-D

  • Section: 2000 General Administration
    Non-supported Printers
    Administrative Regulation: AR-2060-D
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 6-14-11

    The new fleet of multi-function devices allows College staff to have extra print, copy and scan capabilities on the multi-function devices, e.g., stapling, hole-punching, automatic booklet layouts, 2-up and 2-sided printing, fax, scanning and more widespread access to color printing. Combining the copier fleet with the networked Laser Printers under one service contract will save the College money, provide better service and provide budget managers with detailed accounting for print and copy throughout their areas of responsibility.

    The changes have been made to make it easier for College users to move away from the more costly output alternatives such as inkjet and non-networked and/or different brands of laser printers.

    Non-supported Inkjet and Laser Printers
    Inkjet printers, non-networked laser printers, and non-HP or non-Lexmark brand laser printers that are networked (collectively referred to as unsupported printers) are no longer supported by the College for any purpose. Existing printers that meet this description may be used at the discretion of the budget holder, and related supplies may be purchased with the P card or through Office Max with the approval of the budget holder. 

    1. If the unsupported printer is not available on the Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Network, and the printer breaks down, the College will not repair that printer and expenditures to repair or replace that printer are not authorized.
    2. If the unsupported printer is used in a classroom setting, supplies may be purchased as above, and in the case of breakdown, Copiers NW will be contacted to provide the repair at $125 per hour and parts at cost plus 10% markup (including a 30 day warranty on the repair), which will be charged to the respective department’s budget.