• Computing and Telecommunications Resources - Security: AR-2060-F

  • Section: 2000 General Administration
    Computing  and Telecommunications Resources:  Security
    Administrative Regulation: AR-2060-F
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 06/11/2013
    1. Security
      1. MHCC employs various measures to protect the security of its Computing and Telecommunications Resources and of their users' accounts. Users must comply with MHCC Information Security Policies and Directives and MHCC Information Security Guidelines, and engage in applicable "safe" practices, for example, by establishing appropriate access restrictions for their accounts, keeping the network virus-free, safeguarding passwords, ensuring proper physical safeguards, and protecting the confidentiality of electronic protected student information. In addition to the policies, directives, and guidelines referenced in this regulation , users of telecommunications resources such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), smart phones, electronic tablets, or similar personal devices who are using a personal device for business purposes must comply with all MHCC security policies.
      2. All issued equipment remains the property of MHCC and must be returned to the College upon request and at termination. 
      3. All equipment must be secured at all times – at work and off-site.
      4. Loss of College devices must be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor and Public Safety