• Veteran Dependents Waiver Modification: AR-3161-C

  • Section 3000: Fiscal Management
    Veteran Dependents Waiver Modification
    Administrative Regulation: AR-3161-C
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 05/21/2013
    1. Modification of Veteran Dependents Waiver
      This modification to the Veteran Dependents Waiver applies only to students that have the following qualifications:
      1. Qualified spouse and children of members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces or United State Coast Guard who:
        1. Died while on active duty
        2. Died as a result of a military service connected disability
    2. Qualifications:
      1. Spouses must initiate the request for a waiver within ten (10) years of the determination by the VA of the death. Spouses will lose eligibility upon remarriage.
      2. Dependent children* (including adoptive and stepchildren) must initiate this waiver prior to age 23.
      3. Marine Gunnery Sergeant John D. Fry Scholarship students do not qualify for this waiver.
      4. Participant must be an Oregon resident as determined by MHCC’s residency policy.
      5. Documentation of all qualifications will be required.
    3. Conditions of Waiver:
      1. This waiver is available to students admitted to a MHCC certificate or Associate degree program only.
      2. It is limited to 96 attempted credits or completion of the declared Associate degree or certification, whichever comes first. All coursed work, from all sources must be evaluated and applied to the declared degree prior to applying this waiver.
      3. This waiver covers tuition only for required credited courses. It does not cover fees, books or other expenses occurred by attending classes.
      4. This waiver may not be applied to community education programs or residents living out of state participating in distant learning classes.
    4. Application of Waiver:
      This waiver will be applied in coordination with other forms of financial aid as follows:
      1. This waiver will be applied to any applicable tuition prior to applying any financial aid grants or loans.
      2. Tuition only scholarships will be applied first. Then any amount of tuition still outstanding will be waived.
      3. This total benefit may not exceed the total financial aid budget as determined by the MHCC Financial Aid Office and may affect awards.
    5. Continuation of Waiver:
      1. Students must maintain a session GPA of 2.00 and complete all attempted classes with a passing grade to receive this waiver.
      2. If their GPA falls below 2.00 the student will be denied a waiver until they have paid for and completed another term taking and completing a minimum of 6 credits with a GPA of 2.00 or above.
    [75th Oregon Legislative Assembly 2009 regular session, House Bill 2571 – see http://www.leg.state.or.us/09reg/measpdf/hb2500.dir/hb2571.en.pdf for more information.
    Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA) also known as Chapter 35, Title 38 U.S. Code – see www.gibill.va.gov for more information.
    Marine Gunnery Sergeant John D. Fry Scholarship, section 1002 of the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 Public Law 111-32, the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship, amendment to the Post-9/11 GI Bill – see www.gibill.va.gov for more information ]