• AR-4010-I: General: Facilities Use Scheduling and Site Supervision

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    General: Facilities Use Scheduling and Site Supervision
    Administrative Regulation: AR-4010-I
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: Nov. 20, 2012
    1. All facilities and property use will be scheduled in MHCC Room and Event System or similar database.
      1. All paperwork, contracts, checklists, information for invoicing, and special instructions for site supervisors will be attached to appropriate records in the MHCC Room and Event System database.
      2. MHCC Room and Event System will be used by all MHCC employees to request space for events and to stay informed of event status.
      3. The Events Coordinator and Instruction Scheduler will provide continuing training and updated information regarding MHCC Room and Event System and related procedures.
      4. Designated MHCC employees will have direct access to schedule events in MHCC Room and Event System, subject to review by the Events Coordinator or designee, and to update and maintain facility specific requirements for all RES users.
      5. A checklist for required sequence and process to hold an event at MHCC will be maintained by the Events Coordinator and available in MHCC Room and Event System. The checklist will include:
        1. Insurance coverage of the event including small event coverage.
        2. A standard short contract, a standard long contract, and/or unique contract template.
        3. Exceptions to MHCC Board Policies or Regulations, if requested.
        4. Site Supervisor, and Site Supervisor required knowledge and experience.
        5. Plans for serving food and alcoholic beverages.
        6. Site Plan for security, if needed.
        7. Emergency contacts for the College and the event sponsor
        8. Timelines for planning an event and required approval processes.
        9. Current Facility Rental Rates.
        10. Additional requirements for use of computer labs for event participants.
        11. Process for reserving additional equipment/technology including rental and security deposit requirements for additional equipment/technology.
        12. Review of accessibility and accommodations needed.
        13. Other information deemed necessary for the smooth scheduling of events.
    2. Training sessions will be open to all interested MHCC Room and Event System users including members of the public who have access to MHCC Room and Event System through the MHCC website.
    3. Area managers of the Theatre, HPE/Pool, Facilities, College Center, Risk Management, Public Safety, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, IT, and Food Services will meet regularly to ensure process improvements and updates are shared. Organizers of specific events are welcome to attend these meetings to discuss their events.
    4. Site supervisors will participate in semi-annual training sessions scheduled by the Events Coordinator to review the use of the MHCC Room and Event System, site supervisor expectations, roles and responsibilities, and address common issues that are encountered during events.
    5. The Events Coordinator or designee will ensure that an approved list of site supervisors that specialize in various areas of the College is maintained in the MHCC Room and Event System.