• Background Checks: AR-5060-B

  • Section 5000: Personnel
    Background Checks
    Administrative Regulation: AR-5060-B

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 5/6/08
    Revised: 9/22/09

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Sections 604(a)(3)(B) and 604(B) and House Bill 2299 (ORS 419A.055) the Office of Human Resources conducts criminal background checks and/or sex offender registry checks on all final candidates age 18 and older considered for a full-time or part-time position with the College. Criminal background checks and/or sex offender registry checks will be conducted for student employees, volunteers and employees transferring into a position that will handle money, be issued College purchasing/credit cards, work with children, work with data-sensitive information and/or work in security-sensitive positions. Candidates applying for positions with the Child Development Center and the Child Development and Family Support Program are subject to the background check requirements of those programs.

    Final candidates must sign a release form authorizing the College to conduct a background, credit history and/or sex offender check. The College may use credit history information obtained in these reports for decision purposes.

    The College utilizes the information provided in the report in conjunction with the following guidelines to determine a candidate’s eligibility for employment:

    1. Length of time since a conviction
    2. Nature of crime
    3. Relationship between the job to be performed and the crime committed
    4. Number of convictions
    5. Rehabilitation efforts

    The appropriate human resources staff member(s) may work with appropriate College personnel to determine whether to disqualify the candidate based on the above guidelines. If a candidate is determined to be ineligible based on the above guidelines, the College will provide notice to the candidate of the disqualifying information and will give the candidate five days to dispute the information contained in the report before a final decision to hire is made.

    If, after the five-day period has expired, the candidate does not dispute the information contained in the report, the College will disqualify the candidate from employment consideration. In accordance with the FCRA, the College will provide notice of the adverse action to the disqualified candidate and the right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the report.

    Any false statements made by the applicant on the written application, during the interview process or at any other time during the application process or refusal to submit or consent to a criminal background check will also disqualify the candidate from any employment consideration.