• Athletics and Activities: AR-7020-A

  • Section 7000: Students
    Athletics and Activities
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7020-A

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 10/9/91
    Revised: 8/11/98

    The following provides the basis for the development of a balanced athletics and activities program:

    1. The status as student of those participating in athletics and activities must predominate over all other considerations, and this status will reflect the purposes and programs of the institution.
    2. Those who administer the intercollegiate programs at MHCC will adhere scrupulously to the rules of the association to which they hold membership.
    3. MHCC has a responsibility to the community at large as well as to its students; therefore, intramural and activities are a vital part of this College and these activities will encompass the interests and needs of all age groups and provide for a full spectrum of ability.
    4. The College will make every effort to solicit and fulfill community requests for use of athletic and other facilities.
    5. MHCC must attempt to meet the needs of students at all skill levels. Athletics and activities programs are for those with great desire or ability. Intercollegiate competition is for those who excel and who have the desire to excel. No need of one will be impelled at the expense of the other.
    6. Activity programs are legitimate and worthwhile in all academic and student service areas of the College.
    7. The Board supports national competition but without the use of general funds. Consequently, if because of excellence in a given area an individual or a group desires and has the opportunity to participate up to and including the national level, permission to participate may be granted by the College president.
    8. Tuition waivers will be awarded in compliance with Board policy.
    9. MHCC serves the local community and will, therefore, primarily attempt to attract students who reside within the District. Following this first priority, the geographical area of student outreach will next include metropolitan Portland, then the state of Oregon and finally the reciprocal states of Washington and Idaho with the exception of athletics which will adhere to the Northwest Athletic Association for Community Colleges. In recognition of the Board’s commitment to District residents, the current practice of awarding approximately 70 percent of tuition waivers to in-District residents will be considered a reasonable achievement;
    10. Prudence must be used in public fund expenditure for athletics and other activities and MHCC will inform the public how activity funds are allocated and spent.
    11. MHCC will adequately inform the public of athletic and activity facilities available for use by schools, public agencies, organizations and the community and that a rental fee will be charged sufficient to cover both the direct and indirect costs for the use of these College facilities.
    12. Any financial cuts of activities will be done after review and discussion within the MHCC community. However, with respect to any new program, the cost of that program in its initial years may require special financial consideration.
    13. MHCC will provide and maintain adequate intramural programs for the students and community, and the programs will be adequately financed as the need arises and circumstances permit.