• Student Travel Guidelines for Co-curricular Groups Administrative: AR-7020-E

  • Section 7000: Students
    Student Travel Guidelines for Co-curricular Groups
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7020-E

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 9/18/84
    Revised: 8/11/98
    1. Local Travel Local travel will be defined as travel in which a round trip can be completed during one day, or less than 100 miles. If student program officer duties require frequent local travel, approved officers may process a Blanket Travel Authorization if the student will not be receiving reimbursement for food or lodging. Local travel requires the signature of the immediate co-curricular adviser of the student who is traveling.
    2. Overnight Travel
      Overnight travel will be defined as travel that cannot be completed during one day or less than 100 miles which will require an overnight stay. Overnight stays on trips of less than 100 miles need approval from the area administrator.
    3. Co-curricular Procedures
      All student travel must follow the co-curricular procedures established by the vice president of student success and enrollment management or designee. All required forms/information must be submitted to a College Center full-time staff member, or appropriate staff member, approved by the vice president of student success and enrollment management or designee.
      1. At least ten working days prior to departure:
        1. Complete Mt. Hood Community College Travel Authorization and Accounting Report Step I and II. (If a prepayment is required, the form must be submitted to a College Center full-time staff member at least thirteen working days prior to the Thursday that the check will be cut. MHCC only cuts checks on Thursday’s)
        2. Assure that drivers complete an Application to Operate Vehicles – MHCC form and have successfully completed the van driver training course if a vehicle rental is required
        3. Complete a Student Excused Absence Request form
        4. Arrange for transportation either by renting a vehicle, chartering a bus, or arranging for a personal vehicle; to be determined by size of group and cost
      2. One business day prior to departure:
        1. Provide an itinerary or pertinent travel information
        2. Complete the Travel Itinerary Roster form providing a list of all attendees, including emergency contact information for each traveler
        3. Pick up keys for vehicles if required
        4. Provide completed Release Agreements for Potential Injury or Liability forms for all travelers
      3. Within five working days after returning from trip:
        1. Complete step III of the Mt. Hood Community College Travel Authorization and Accounting report. Provide itemized receipts for reimbursements or expenditures incurred during travel. Failure to supply receipts will result in the denial of reimbursement. Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed at any time
    4. Special Travel Outside of Oregon and Washington
      1. Travel of Student Life sponsored student groups outside of Oregon and Washington may be allowed if it is of special nature that may be justified by unusual honor, special opportunities not otherwise afforded which bring exceptional credit to the College or other extraordinary circumstances. Special travel will follow the same process as described above.
      2. The College philosophically supports national competition but without the use of tax money; however, should a student or group earn a place in national competition, financial support via community donations or ASG allocation is encouraged.
      3. International travel is only allowed with approval by the College president.
    5. Overnight stays, Student Life sponsored trips
      If an overnight stay is required for a Student Life sponsored trip, the following rules will be conformed to:
      1. Sleeping arrangements will be assigned by the program adviser while balancing the consideration of student needs with maintaining students’ safety.
      2. Fraternizing with non trip participants in any hotel rooms or sleeping facilities will not be allowed.
      3. As good stewards of student fees there should be no fewer than two people per room. Three students per room with two beds and a roll away should be the goal. Fewer than two people may be allowed in special circumstances, such as, only one person of a specific sex attending the trip.
      4. Attendees are required to abide by the Student Code of Conduct, Board policies and administrative regulations while officially representing the College on trips. After the end of the official business, participants are still representing MHCC and should conduct themselves in the highest regard, not violating any state, federal, or municipal laws. The end time of official business will be determined by the adviser on a case by case basis.
    6. Eligibility of trip participants for Student Life sponsored travel
      Anyone traveling on a Student Life sponsored trip must be a registered student, MHCC staff member, or be officially identified as a volunteer with specific duties essential to the trip. Guests are allowed on trips at the discretion of the adviser, but no club, district, or student fee money may pay for any part of the guest trip. All trip participants, including guests, must sign trip release forms.
    7. Supervision on Student Life sponsored trips
      1. Local travel for Student Life sponsored trips does not require a trip manager unless the trip requires overnight travel.
      2. Travel with a minimum of one overnight stay requires a manager. Exceptions may be granted by the vice president of student success and enrollment management or designee. In the instance of a granted exception, trip participants will be required to meet with the vice president of student success and enrollment management or designee prior to traveling.