• Sports Club Program: AR-7020-M

  • Section 7000: Students
    Sports Club Program
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7020-M

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 3/5/96
    Revised: 8/11/98
    1. Philosophy
      In keeping with the athletic and competitive interests of students, MHCC supports a sports club program. Sport clubs are student organizations chartered by the Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College (ASMHCC). The sports club program differs from the intercollegiate athletic program in that sport clubs are not members of the Northwest Athletic Association for Community Colleges. The intramural sports program offers students opportunities to compete with teams from MHCC only whereas sport clubs may or may not compete with other college and university teams.
    2. Regulations that govern the operation of this program:
      1. MHCC will abide by the rules established by the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges that limit sports club to areas of competition where varsity teams do not exist. The College will not field a club sport team if it also fields a varsity sports team in that same sport;
      2. Sport clubs are required to be recognized by the ASMHCC. In order to manage the liability issues associated with sport club activities, two categories of sport clubs are authorized.
        1. Category A sport clubs may use College facilities and receive student fee allocations through the ASMHCC budget process. These groups, working with the Office of Student Leadership and Activities, will obtain a coach or coaches responsible for monitoring health and safety issues at all practices, special events and games;
        2. Category B sport clubs may organize their group at MHCC and publicize their activities on the campus, but they are ineligible for the benefits provided Category A organizations;
      3. Students may manage their sport club with the assistance of a club adviser or select a coach with the assistance of the Director of Student Life or his / her designee. Coaches may receive stipends for their assistance with the approval of the director. The sport club coach, in and of itself, is not an employee of MHCC;
      4. Students involved in sports club are expected to provide their own accident and health insurance. All club sport participants are required to sign Liability Release and Assume Risk forms prior to participating in activities;
      5. All sports club events on the MHCC campus will be scheduled by the team captain through the Coordinator of Intramural and Recreation, who will serve the program as a scheduler. Sports club facility needs will come after those of instruction, intramurals, intercollegiate sports and regularly scheduled community events. The Coordinator of Intramurals and Recreation will make College-owned equipment available to clubs, providing this equipment is not needed by class instructors, intramurals, sports or regularly scheduled community events. Additional equipment or replacement of borrowed equipment will be purchased by the user club;
      6. ASMHCC - recognized sports clubs may use the name of the College while competing;
      7. Clubs will arrange transportation to events/competition at their own expense in insured vehicles;
      8. Clubs may schedule fund raising events on campus through the ASMHCC;
      9. Clubs may have off-campus sponsors and fund raising activities only with the approval of the Director of Student Life; and
      10. Clubs are not eligible for any other competition or status unless approved by the College president or designee.
      11. Practices held during finals week will be scheduled to not conflict with students’ final exams