• Student Outreach, Retention and Follow-Up: AR-7120-B

  • Section 7000: Students
    Student Outreach, Retention and Follow-Up
    Administrative Regulation: AR-7120-B

    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 9/23/08
    Revised: 9/22/09 
    Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) was founded with a belief that a community college should serve the unique needs of community members. Programs and services should offer diverse opportunities for people to obtain training and education beyond high school. Curriculum should offer education in both academic college transfer and career-technical choices. Other offerings include: developmental education, professional development, career exploration services, community education and customized training. The College recognizes and expects that through the leadership of the recruiting and marketing staff each employee will contribute to the success of recruiting, retention and persistence efforts.
    1. The College will continuously design and facilitate strategies to provide information, access to programs and services for the diverse populations served.

      These strategies will include, but are not limited to:

      1. Direct contacts through site visitations, campus tours, College/career fairs, on-campus recruiting events, summer promotional events, etc.
      2. Indirect methods such as targeted mailings, brochure displays and market assessment.
      3. Responding to inquiries (Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) team members are responsible for responding to all inquiries for information from prospective students, often including mailing of information).
      4. Recruiting plans will be systematic, comprehensive, campus-wide, data driven and involve appropriate campus staff;
      5. Key/Primary markets will include district high school students (focus on grades 11-12), both public and private (public, private/independent or alternative), post-high school age students and students of color (low-income, first generation)
      6. Additional primary markets will include admits (persons who have been admitted to the college, but have not completed the additional steps), CPT completers (persons who have completed the College Placement Test but have not completed other steps to enrollment) and orientation completers (persons who have completed new student orientation).
      7. Secondary markets will include district high school students (focus on grades 9-10), 4-year college students (marketing summer term), middle school students and older populations (marketing education as recreation).
      8. Regular communication with high school counselors.
      9. Regular communication with MHCC staff through the use of MyMHCC Community Involvement Calendar, Marketing folder on S Drive and e-mails.
      10. Recruiting strategies and targeted markets will be updated and revised as needed to ensure effective communication with the changing community.
    2. Student retention is a priority at MHCC, and the College focuses on retention by:
      1. Employing extensive guidance, counseling and testing procedures, allowing the College to place students in curricula and courses suited to their abilities and interests
      2. Making assistance available to students who change their program and/or major
      3. Conducting exit interviews for students who are planning to withdraw and who have made this known in advance of doing so
      4. Counseling students who receive low grades in order to discover the difficulty they are encountering in their programs
      5. Providing a comprehensive developmental education / academic literacy program.