• Contact with News Media: AR-8040-A

  • Section 8000: District-Community Relations
    Contact with News Media
    Administrative Regulation: AR-8040-A
    President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: 2/1/94
    Revised: 8/11/98

    The College recognizes the important role that the news media plays in providing official College information to the public. In all matters pertaining to the College, all employees and units will contact the Office of College Advancement (OCA) in advance to ensure the release of uniform, timely and accurate College information to the media. This includes any verbal, written and/or electronic information. To assure the timely release of accurate information to the media all College employees are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. The vice president of college advancement, under the supervision of the president, is responsible for all official communication between the College and the news media;
    2. News media requests for official College information must be approved by the vice president of college advancement before the information is released;
    3. Requests for publicity to be placed with the news media and news releases must be approved by the vice president of college advancement.
    4. College employees are free to speak, write and/or act as long as they are not serving as representatives speaking on behalf of the College in response to media inquiries.