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Mt. Hood Community College
Position Application

The Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College is looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated students to work as members of the ASG council, the leadership of the MHCC Student Government for the upcoming academic year.

To see a complete job summary of ASG positions, please click here.

For more information, contact Rozina Lethe at or 503-491-7232.

*Students applying for an ASG position must meet the 2.5 cumulative GPA requirement*

First Name:

Current MHCC Students:

(must meet minimum 2.5 GPA)

When answering the following questions, please include work, volunteer, school or other experiences which demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Position(s) you are applying for:
(Please check positions you are interested in)

You may apply for up to three positions listed in the questions below. This means you may choose to run for either the president or executive vice president, and you may also choose to interview for appointed position (in case you are not elected to either of your first choice positions). Or you may just apply for up to two appointed positions. If this is confusing, please contact Rozina Lethe.

Elected position: If you are interested in running for one of the elected positions, choose which position you want below.

Please provide your second position choice. Make the following optional selection boxes: Campus Affairs Rep, Campus Safety and Sustainability Rep, Community Affairs and Outreach Rep, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Rep, Financial Affairs Rep, Academic Affairs Rep, Legislation Affairs Rep, Maywood CampusRep, Bruning Center Rep, Clubs and Organizations Coordinator, Student Activities Coordinator, ASG/SOC Executive Assistant, Current Issues Events Coordinator, Arts and Entertainment Events Coordinator, Health and Recreation Events Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Design and Promotions.

Terms & Agreements:

  • Summer Commitment: During the summer there are trainings, retreats, conferences and other essential meetings that ASG members will need to attend. If you are planning a vacation or training for work, please check with us about dates that will not work.
  • I understand I must attend ASG leadership retreat held in the summer.
  • I understand I will have to abide by the ASG Officers Academic & Behavior Responsibility Agreement, ASMHCC Constitution, and Bylaws; and agree to all terms stated within if I am elected/appointed to this position.
  • I am willing to accept the position and commit to the full term of service Summer 2021 to Commencement 2022.
  • I understand that if I am appointed I will begin my responsibilities on May 17, 2021, so I will need to work with my advisor to arrange training times.
  • I understand the intense time commitment involved and I am willing to serve to the best of my abilities. I understand that I will be responsible for providing a minimum of (12 for appointed positions and 15 hours elected position) office hours weekly.
  • I understand that if I am selected for this position it is a job and I am expected to treat it as such.
  • I give authorization to the Student Life staff to verify my academic standing at any time.
  • I understand I must maintain a minimum 2.5 Cumulative and Term GPA to keep a position. If eligible for a waiver, I will need a 2.5 or higher GPA or higher to receive a full waiver.
Student Activities Board (SAB)
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