Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Process

Section 1000: College Governance
Administrative Regulation: AR-1080-A
Board Policy and Administrative Regulation Process

President’s Cabinet (PC) Approval: March 12, 2013
Revised: [date]

  1. Purpose
    1. Provide direction and assistance in creating, adopting, updating, or deleting college policies and administrative regulations in keeping with the college’s system of governance.
  2. Definitions
    1. Administrative regulations assign responsibility for the key steps to implement policy via regulations. President’s cabinet must approve regulations. Only the president or designee can make exceptions to regulations.
    2. Initiators propose a change, deletion, addition, or review of a policy or regulation along with a rationale or reasons for the proposal.
    3. Policy is a principle to guide action to an outcome. Only the Board of Education may set policy.
    4. Procedures are operational processes to implement an administrative regulation. Procedures may be amended by managers as they need.
    5. Sponsors are PC members who support a proposal for their section of policies or regulations.
    6. Stakeholders are persons affected in time, budget, services, expertise, or responsibilities.
  3. Policy and Regulations Committee (PRC)
    1. The president will appoint the PRC with representatives sought from faculty, staff, administrators, risk management, human resources, and Associated Student Government (ASG). Duties include:
      1. Maintain and apply suitable procedures to promote participatory governance.
      2. Oversee the creation, change, documentation, and retirement of policies and regulations.
      3. Identify and assign roles such as initiator and sponsor.
      4. Arrange review of proposal at times stakeholders are able to participate.
        1. Summers, observed holidays, closures, and breaks are not suitable time for review.
        2. Exceptions: Urgent changes or changes required for legal compliance.
      5. Assist initiators and sponsors in capturing and reflecting on input.
      6. Ensure that a regularly recurring review of policies and regulations is done.
      7. Make activities and actions transparent to the college community.

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