• “Some of the Most Amazing Things in the Universe” at the MHCC Planetarium in February

    “That’s no moon – it’s a space station!”
    The Red Rectangle Nebula; the fabled Stairway to Heaven?  (Credit: NASA Hubble Team)

    No, it actually is a moon - it just happens to look like an iconic world-destroying space station.

    And it’s out there in space right now (the moon, not the space station) along with many other strange and amazing things, including odd-shaped nebulae, dying stars, and giant mystery blobs dating back to the beginning of the universe. All of these and more will be examined during Mt. Hood Community College planetarium’s February show, “Some of the Most Amazing Things in the Universe.”

    MHCC Planetarium Director Pat Hanrahan will be on hand to present and discuss during this fascinating star tour of amazing objects. “Some of the Most Amazing Things in the Universe” will be presented four times across two separate dates: Tuesday, February 2, and Thursday, February 11. Show times for each date are at 6pm and 7:15 pm.

    Admission for the general public is $5 and $2 for children (17 and younger) and for MHCC students (identification required). Seating is limited and is on a first come/first serve basis so early arrival is suggested.

    Audience members are encouraged to ask questions during each 45-minute live program. The planetarium is wheelchair accessible. For more information about the planetarium and the rest of the scheduled season visit: www.mhcc.edu/planetarium