• Oregon Promise Grant is Now Accepting Applications

    Posted: 03/14/2017

    Important Dates - Oregon PromiseThe Oregon Promise grant is now accepting applications for high school graduates and GED recipients who will earn their diplomas by this spring and who plan to attend community college in the fall.

    The application period will remain open until July 3, with an early application deadline of April 1. However, receipt of the grant funds depends on whether the Oregon Legislature continues funding Oregon Promise, according to Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC).

    The OSAC now provides a website aimed at helping Oregonians to better understand and promote Oregon Promise and navigate the application process. Located online at OregonStudentAid.gov/Oregon-Promise.aspx, the site includes video overviews of the grant program, presentations and printable materials for distribution at high schools and community colleges, and Frequently Asked Questions about eligibility criteria. The website also lists information on OSAC’s upcoming March webinars covering Oregon Promise.

    Eligible candidates for Oregon Promise include recent high school graduates and GED recipients who have:
    • Achieved at least a 2.5 cumulative high school GPA.
    • Resided in Oregon for at least 12 months prior to attending community college.
    • Plan to attend an Oregon community college at least half time within six months of graduating high school.
    • Meet any additional requirements, as listed on the website.

    The Oregon Promise grant pays for up to 12 credits per term, after all other state and federal grant aid has been applied. Costs not fully covered by the grant include: books, course fees, housing and costs of living. Additionally, the community college deducts a $50 copay from each student’s Oregon Promise monies per term. Eligible students whose full tuition is already covered by state or federal need-based grants may receive $1,000 toward their other expenses. In applying for Oregon Promise, students must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

    Currently six weeks into its 2017 session, the Oregon State Legislature has yet to adopt a budget and is facing $1.6 billion deficit. To date, thousands of students statewide have attended community college using the Oregon Promise.

    The Oregon Promise is awarded per term, so the majority of winter term students likely also received the grant during the fall. However, some students graduated high school in the fall, or transferred community colleges between terms, and received (or are receiving) funds for the first time in the winter or spring. Once the term begins, the school cancels those grants for students not in attendance during the term that they were awarded for.

    At Mt. Hood Community College, 594 students were awarded an Oregon Promise grant for Fall Term 2016, and 498 students were awarded the grant for Winter Term 2017. For the upcoming Spring Term, 492 students have been awarded the grant so far, assuming that they meet all academic requirements and additional criteria during the current term.

    To learn more about the Oregon Promise or to apply, visit OregonStudentAid.gov/Oregon-Promise.aspx.