• Jazz Schedule

  •   Performance Venue Combo Division Visual Arts Theatre Divisions III, IV, MS Jazz Café Division II Student Union Division I College Theatre Workshops & Locations
        Warm Up: AC1001 Warm Up: Choir Room AC2138 Warm Up: AC1005 Warm Up: Band Room AC2102 Music Department Classrooms (see below)
    Warm Up Performance Ryan Meagher Ben Medler Gary Hobbs Collin Wilson Tim Gilson Dave Barduhn Chris Bruya Susie Jones  
    8:30 9:00 *Southridge HS Indigo Combo *Gladstone HS Big Band *Reynolds HS Big Band II
    9:00 9:30 Westview HS Crimson Combo Willamette HS Big Band III Columbia River HS Big Band *Beaverton HS Big Band Kevin Deitz - Jazz Bass Workshop (AC2104)
    9:30 10:00 Beaverton HS Combo III Sumner HS Big Band III Rex Putnam HS Big Band Gresham HS Big Band
    10:00 10:30 MYS Combo Hidden Valley HS Corvallis HS Big Band Reynolds HS Big Band I Tim Rap - Jazz Drumset Workshop (AC2104)
    10:30 11:00 Beaverton HS Combo II Tyee HS Big Band Hillsboro HS Big Band Willamette HS Big Band I
    11:00 11:30 Corvallis HS Combo VSAA Big Band Lebanon HS Big Band Clackamas HS Big Band I Bryan Dickerson - Jazz Saxophone Workshop (AC2104)
    11:30 12:00 Beaverton HS Combo I Colfax HS Big Band Ashland HS Jazz Ensemble Aloha HS Big Band
    12:30 - 1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Terell Stafford Performance/Clinic with the Mt. Hood Jazz Ensemble Terell Stafford - Performance & Clinic
    (College Theatre)
    1:00 1:30 *Kelso HS Combo *West Linn HS Big Band III *Willamette HS Big Band II Southridge HS Big Band I  
    1:30 2:00 Prairie HS Combo Laurin MS Big Band Clackamas HS Big Band II North Salem HS Big Band Clay Giberson - Jazz Piano Workshop (AC2103)
    2:00 2:30 Westview HS Chartreuse Combo Athey Creek MS Big Band West Linn HS Big Band II Sumner HS Big Band I  
    2:30 3:00 Roosevelt HS Combo Henkle MS Big Band Southridge HS Big Band II Mountainside HS Big Band Bryan Smith - History of Bebop (AC2104)
    3:00 3:30 West Linn HS Combo Parrish MS Big Band Kelso HS Big Band Westview HS Big Band  
    3:30 4:00 Southridge HS Topaz Combo Chehalis MS Big Band Roosevelt HS Big Band Sunset HS Big Band  
    4:00 4:30 Ashland HS Combo Rosemont Ridge MS Big Band Sumner HS Big Band II Prairie HS Big Band  
    4:30 5:00   Beaumont MS Big Band Milwaukie HS Big Band West Salem HS Big Band  
    5:00 5:30   North Bend HS Big Band      
      5:40 MHCC Jazz in the College Theatre
      6:00 Terell Stafford Performance with MHCC Jazz Faculty in the College Theatre
      6:45 Awards Ceremony held in the College Theater

    * Warm Up in Performance Space