• Science Intro Text

  • The Science Department seeks to inspire an attitude of discovery, critical thinking and inquiry offering a broad-range of classes, from biology and chemistry to animal behavior, sustainability and space exploration. Students work side-by-side with our award-winning faculty conducting research and analyzing data using a broad range of technological tools in laboratory and in field settings. 

    Whether a student is transferring to a four-year college or completing their studies at MHCC, the science curriculum provides graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure they become competitive candidates for today’s rapidly shifting career landscape. A diverse selection of courses are also offered for non-science majors to fulfill their degree requirements.

    If you have a compelling curiosity about our planet, our people and our environment – and especially if you enjoy grappling with complex problems involving many variables – you’re likely to find your niche in one of the many science programs at MHCC.