• Advanced Placement Nursing Admission Details

  • The information below is based on the application requirements for Winter term 2022 admission. It is provided as an example to guide potential applicants on the admission process and application requirements which may be subject to change as program criteria can change for each new application year.

    The Advanced Placement Nursing program is restricted entry and applicants to the program must meet certain criteria before their application will be considered. Applicants are selected through a point-based system. Currently, the program admits up to four (4) students every other year starting in the Winter term. Additionally, after an applicant is admitted and before entering the 4th term (winter term, second year) of the curriculum, they must complete 18 credits of nursing courses with “C” grades or higher (NRS 230, NRS231, NRS 232, NRS233 and the LPN transition courses NRS112A and NRS112B).

    Questions? Talk with an adviser or contact LR Admissions.

    Requirements to Apply

    To be eligible to apply for admission, applicants must meet the requirements described below by the application deadline of October 15, 2021, 5pm. Classes in progress do not count toward prerequisites or points.

    1. Prerequisite coursework
      • All prerequisites must be passed with a “C” grade or higher. “Pass” or “Satisfactory” grades will be considered as a “C” grade. To meet the minimum GPA requirement, applicants need at least a 3.0 GPA (“B” average) in the prerequisite courses.
      • These prerequisites must be current within the last 7 years (completed no earlier than Fall term 2014 and no later than Summer term 2021):
        • BI231, BI232 & BI233 Anatomy & Physiology I, II & III (12 credits): The full sequence of Human Anatomy & Physiology with laboratory, inclusive of all body systems.
        • BI234: Microbiology (4 credits): Basic microbiology covering living microorganisms, particularly bacteria and viruses, with laboratory.
        • MTH095: Intermediate Algebra or higher (4-5 credits) or placement into MTH105/MTH111 within the past 5 years (since 10/15/2016). If using placement scores to meet math competency, your test scores must be sent to our Testing Center to be evaluated. Learn more about acceptable math placement test scores. Smarter Balance Assessment, High School GPA, GED scores and Self-Placement are not accepted for meeting the math requirement.
      • These prerequisites do not expire:
        • FN225 or HE225 Nutrition (4 credits): Class should cover biological functions, dietary sources of essential nutrients and the relationship of diet to health.
        • BI102, BI112 or BI212 Biology with Genetics (4-5 credits): Any college-level Biology course that lists genetics or heredity within the course description will fulfill this requirement.
        • PSY237 Human Development (4 credits): Class should cover the developmental process of human life covering the full life span. Human development courses that cover only part of the life span will not be accepted.
        • WR121 English Composition I (4 credits)
        • WR122 English Composition II or WR227 Technical Report Writing (4 credits)
        • A Bachelor’s degree awarded on the transcript by the end of Summer 2021 will satisfy this requirement.
        • Social Science (one course, 3-5 credits)
        • You may select from any college-level Social Science course listed under the AAOT degree www.mhcc.edu/AAOT-degree. PSY201 is the prerequisite to PSY237 at MHCC and will count as the Social Science prerequisite. If you have taken multiple Social Science classes, pick the one with the highest grade to use on your Nursing application.
    2. Oregon LPN or Military Medic Corpsman documentation
      • LPN applications must submit a current, unencumbered Oregon LPN license.
      • Students who did not graduate from the MHCC Practical Nursing program must submit transcripts and course descriptions from the Practical Nursing program attended to be reviewed by the MHCC Dean of Nursing.
      • Military medic or corpsman applicants must submit their Joint Service Transcript showing all courses approved by the American Council of Education and documentation of Military Experience and Training and a summary record of active-duty medical work experience and certificates. A military DD214 must be submitted with documentation. These documents will be reviewed by the Dean of Nursing.

    How to apply to the Advanced Placement Nursing program

    If you meet the requirements to apply in the section above, then you may apply to the program by completing these steps:

    Step 1: Apply for General Admission if you are new to MHCC or returning after four terms or more. Select AGS in Health Professions as your major.

    Step 2: Click here to pay online for the $75 non-refundable application fee. Print off your receipt to include with your application packet.

    Step 3: Submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges attended. Send transcripts at least two weeks before the application deadline either electronically or by physical mail. Postmark dates will not be accepted. See additional transcript considerations.

    Selection Process

    Applicants who meet the minimum requirements to apply and have all required transcripts on file will be awarded points according to the point system below for the 2021-2022 admission cycle. All information, deadlines and requirements are subject to change each year. MHCC will not consider courses, degrees or pending certifications for points which are not completed by the application deadline.

    1. Prerequisite GPA (max 25 points)
    2. Only the 45 credits of prerequisite courses will be calculated for awarding GPA points. Pluses and minuses will not be considered.

      3.67-4.00= 25 points

      3.33-3.66= 23 points

      3.20-3.32= 20 points

      3.15-3.19= 17 points

      3.00-3.14= 15 points

    3. Local criteria academic metrics (max 17 points)
    Criteria Description Points

    Graduate of MHCC LPN program



    Graduation from a High School member of the MHCC CTE Consortium (Centennial, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds, or Parkrose)

    One point for graduation from an MHCC CTE Consortium High School Partner (student must provide unofficial high school transcript with application packet)


    Science Courses

    One point each for the following nursing prerequisite science-based courses completed at MHCC: BI102/BI112/BI212, HE225/FN225, BI234 (2 pts max)


    A & P

    · No repeating of any required A&P course

    · Repeating 1 A&P course

    · Repeating 2 A&P courses

    · Repeating all 3 A&P courses





    Completion of MTH243

    Must have a minimum grade of a “C”


    1. Local criteria experiences and attributes(max 15 points)
    Criteria Description Points

    LPN work experience

    Current LPN license and work experience in the past 3 years (since 10/15/2018) in a position that requires your license:

    · 0 – 400 hours of work experience = 5pts

    · 401-1000 hours of work experience= 7pts

    · 1,001-1,500 hours of work experience= 8pts

    · 1,501-2,000 hours of work experience= 9pts

    · 2,001+ hours of work experience=10pts


    OR Military Work Experience

    Military Medic/Corpsman— a military DD214 or military transcripts verifying medical training and practice experience and work experience in the past 3 years (since 10/15/2018)

    · Less than 3 months= 5pts

    · 3-6 months= 7pts

    · 6-9 months= 8pts

    · 9-12 months= 9pts

    · 13 months or more=10pts


    Work experience in Oregon

    Oregon LPN work experience; familiarity with Oregon Nurse Practice Act



    In the MHCC district (see https://mhcc.edu/District for zip code list). Points are awarded based on the address recorded on your MHCC student record.


    There will be up to 4 applicants admitted to the program each year. If there are more than 4 qualified applicants there will be a Phase 2 selection process which will include an essay and resume.

    Acceptance to the Advanced Placement Nursing program

    1. Immunizations
    2. Accepted students must submit proof of the following immunizations by the stated deadline:

      • Immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (chicken pox)
      • 2 step PPD Skin Test or TB Gold test (if either test is positive they will need a chest x-ray report)
      • Tetanus-Diptheria-PertussisToxiod within the last 10 years
      • Hepatitis B — The series must be started by the stated deadline and can be completed during the first quarter of the program.
    3. Current CPR Card
    4. Each accepted and alternate student must provide a current Health Care Provider Level CPR card approved by the American Heart Association.

    5. Criminal Background Check
    6. If accepted into the Nursing program, your acceptance will be provisional until you pass a national criminal background check which is conducted through a national standardized tracking system the Nursing program has a contract with. Information for accessing the system will be available to students once they have been accepted into the Nursing program. (Please note: The accepted applicant pays for the background check, and the background check process requires a social security number.)

    7. Drug Screen
    8. All admitted students are required to complete a Drug Screen prior to starting the nursing courses. Please note, this drug screening may also check for prescription drugs that contain amphetamines, barbiturates, opioids, benzodiazepines and marijuana. If you are taking any prescribed medication that may contain these drugs you will need to meet with the program director before completing the drug screen.

    The following is the curriculum for the program:

    Term Course Credits

    Winter 2022

    · NRS230 Clinical Pharmacology I

    · Required orientation to the Nursing Program Activities (usually occurs first week of term)



    Spring 2022

    · NRS231 Clinical Pharmacology II

    · NRS232 Pathophysiology I

    · At the end of this course a skills evaluation will be required. Faculty will provide information about this evaluation at the beginning of the term.




    Summer 2022

    Must complete all general education requirements for the AAS in Nursing degree by the end of summer term


    Fall 2022

    · NRS112A* Foundations of Nursing: Acute Care 1

    · NRS112B* Foundations of Nursing: Acute Care 1 Practice

    · NRS233 Pathophysiology II

    *these are the designated LPN transition courses




    Winter 2023

    · NRS221A Foundations of Nursing: Chronic Illness II

    · NRS221B Foundations of Nursing: Chronic Illness II Practice



    Spring 2023

    · NRS222A Foundations of Nursing: Acute Care II

    · NRS222B Foundations of Nursing: Acute Care II Practice



    Summer 2023

    · NRS224A Integrated Practicum

    · NRS224B Integrated Practicum Practice

    · Graduation



    Accepted nursing students must complete all general education credits by the end of Summer term 2022. For non-MHCC courses, submit officials transcript to the Admissions, Records and Registration office by September 6, 2022 or acceptance to the Nursing program will be revoked.

    Demands of the Program

    It is important to understand the mental and physical demands of the nursing program and the career of the nurse. Please read through the Essential Functions of Nursing before applying. Applicants to the Nursing program must be able to cope with the rigors of the curriculum and the demanding nature of the health professions with or without reasonable accommodations. Nursing students must be able to grasp scientific concepts, set up and answer basic math and algebra problems, and communicate well verbally and in writing.

    Professional Licensing

    Successful completion of the Nursing program allows the student to apply for authorization to take the NCLEX-RN exam. Positive results of the exam do not guarantee licensure. Professional licensure is granted by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), who by statutory authority, has rules limiting eligibility of licensure. Some of these limits include lack of a social security number, a major physical or mental condition that could affect the applicant's ability to practice nursing safely and/or if an applicant has been arrested, charged, or convicted of a criminal offense that bears a demonstrable relationship to the practice of nursing. Contact OSBN for more information at 971-673-0685.